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Neil Roberts
Worked at Lotus Software
Attended Greenville Sr HS


Neil Roberts

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My family and I have lived in Japan for the last 8 years... and I have keep up a website to document our travels.  Check it out..
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Neil Roberts

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I don't partake, but I am curious about curious use against medical viability.  I think hemp as a fiber should be used more and save the trees.  
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Fantastic.. love the show, love the people!
Bazinga is right! RT @Astro_Nicole Love this!@AstroAcaba talks from space w/@BigBang_CBS#Bazinga! #ISS The Big Bang Theory Season 6: Houston, We Have a Sit-com [HD] [CC]

+Big Bang Theory Fan Site 
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Neil Roberts

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Virgin, don'tca know...
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Neil Roberts

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we foolish mortals with our unending stupidity, debating one another while we know almost nothing.. its disgraceful. we look down upon each other, without realizing that each of us knows a thousand things the other does not, and those thousand things amount to nothing .. bah
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Neil Roberts

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Love this bit...  XKCD is just awesome
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Neil Roberts

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Interesting correlation information.
Two recent record hot spells have been traced to a feedback loop between dry soils and trapped air
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Neil Roberts

commented on a video on YouTube.
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@chad h  - true, but this drive was more fun and much more picturesque.  Not a lot of traffic either.
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Neil Roberts

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Neil Roberts

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Love this movie after all these years... Mr. Potter is just... the worst.. 
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  • Lotus Software
    AMI Pro Phone Support
  • Future Now
  • Eagle Technologies
    Sr. Consultant
  • CompUSA
  • FSG
    Email Engineer
  • US Navy - Submarines
    Fire Control Tech (MT1)
  • iOS Developer
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Went to HS in Ohio.  Was in the US Navy Submarine force for 8 years.  3.5 of those years served underwater - non-contiguous.  Currently living in Japan and have been for the last 5.5 years - our web page has a great deal more information. Japan as we know it..
  • Greenville Sr HS
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