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Looking for a custom dog house or luxury dog house? The quality of your Custom Dog House is our number one priority and no project is too challenging for us. We would love to help design and build your dog's dream home. Our luxury dog houses are built using the highest quality materials at reasonable prices. We thoroughly plan every detail and communicate with you every step of the way. Anybody can build a dog house, but Rockstar Puppy takes it to the next level to prove that "Being in the Dog House" is actually a good thing! Contact us today for a quote.
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And in a dog-eat-dog world, keeping one's head is the ultimate priority. Because cooler heads always prevail. True, your best friend may have four legs, just like the others - but running with the pack is not his thing. He stands alone, via the awesome power of his unrelenting animal magnetism. He shuns the rules - because he makes the rules. To sum it all up, he's cool. Very cool. And he walks proud... Rockstar Puppy takes the concept of "cool" to a whole new level. And, should your four-legged friend fancy cool dog helmets, motorcycle dog carriers, or dog tags for dogs, we totally understand. Because it's our job to help him rise above the common throng of assorted posers, wannabes, and out-and-out hand-lickers - who are, ultimately, all bark and very little bite... we have the hottest dog clothes and designer dog accessories on the planet plus we are dedicated to delivering you quality products and first class customer service.

Need Help? Make the call. We'll help him stand tall 1-877-PUPPY07
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