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Talking helps, it relieves distress and helps to make sense of what the heart of a problem may be. A counsellor is trained to look beneath the surface and to notice the patterns of behaviour that are occurring. Great insight comes from this and it can help promote change.

Sometimes in counselling.....
Sometimes in counselling the counsellor is able to see deeply into the troubles hidden beneath the surface for the client.
This can be confronting for the client yet at the same time freeing, that someone has seen the true pain inside and safely held that in the counselling space. It enables you as the client to gain insight, understanding and perspective without judgement or consequence.
What's insight worth? If you know how you work, why you feel what you feel, why you do what you do, change is not only possible but probable.

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Everyone is affected differently and to different levels by the stuff that life throws at us.

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Anyone can learn to help someone at risk of suicide.

When we replace our judgement and knowledge for someone else's, we lose sight of ourselves, we second guess our wisdom. Wisdom we have earned by living our lives. We forget that we have our own best interest's at heart. We need to steer our own ships and trust our own judgements.

Turning Point Training & Counselling will be closing between the 23rd of December until the 1st of January-re-opening on the 2nd of January. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Festive break.

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A great day at The Macarthur Healthy Living Expo

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Another group of new caregivers who attended the September ASIST workshop, who now feel more ready and willing and able to help someone keep safe from suicide.

Ever heard of crazy-making? This is a weapon used in a family and domestic violence cycle. It could be a s simple as the perpetrator moving your keys, so as to make you second-guess where you put outright denying they made those snide remarks..that you imagined them. This can be more destructive than physical abuse.
If this sounds familiar seek help now:

What is counselling?

Sometime its easier to state what counselling isn't to provide a better understanding of what it is.

Counselling isn't advice giving, it isn't life coaching, it isn't diagnosing, and it doesn't always follow a direct path.

This is because it is the client that dictates the direction of counselling, it is up to the client how much to talk about, what to tell and what to hold for themselves. Counselling is respectful, patient and kind, it provides a safe space for the client to fill or hold empty. Counselling is a unique experience and different for each and every client.
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