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The cool thing about all the new TLDs is the potential for awesome new email addresses.

That said, my new one is

Anyone want a +Google Glass invite? I have 3 more to give out. (Glass is $1500 + tax.)

I noticed today that my +Google Glass sunglass lenses have the exact polarity needed to block the entire screen on my iMac, but show the entire displays of my Nexus devices. Please tell me that was intentional.

Want to buy a +Google Glass of your own? I have 3 more invites to give out.

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Rumor has it +Kenton Hansen changed the dates of Startup Weekend Wichita II just for me. Early bird registration ends today, so sign up!

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Jonathan Coulton #throughglass

Today I got my first strange look while wearing Google Glass. Sure I was in a public pool, but still...

The polarization of my +Google Glass sunglasses makes it so I can't wear them while using my Nexus 7 in landscape mode. #firstworldproblems
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