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Katri Koivuranta
Translator, feminist, black-belt google-fu practitioner, endless source of anecdotes, prolific rambler, stationary one-woman stand-up comedy tour.
Translator, feminist, black-belt google-fu practitioner, endless source of anecdotes, prolific rambler, stationary one-woman stand-up comedy tour.

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A very good piece saddled with a slightly stupid title.

TW: suicide, drug use, mental illness, slurs, addictions, unsafe sex, homophobia, bullying, sexism etc.

In our infinite wisdom we have organised our society so that because being different is punished, those of us who are, are so conscious of it and/or trying to hide it all the time, the physiological effects of this minority stress are similar to prolonged trauma.

To top that, we've managed to create a mould for masculinity that is so toxic, the resultant internalized homophobia and misogyny taint gay communities like a damned disease, often preventing gay men in need of support from finding communities that are, you know, supportive.

Well done, us, well. fucking. done.

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I'm occasionally a liiiiittle slow to catch up on the useful stuff, but this time my life got 174% easier when I finally did. Today I discovered that you can totes add bookmarks to Firefox without giving them a name, i.e. they only show up as icons in the toolbar. 1) Hit "Properties" and delete whatever name the bookmark has to make it an icon only. 2) You can't get a divider afaik, but if you want to group your bookmarks, simply name the last one || . 3) MAGIC!

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I laughed myself sick. +Lexi Gable, thought you might appreaciate this. :) #geekery #DnD #humour #laughinglikeahyena

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Apologies for the rant, but: I am pissed. (For any American English speakers, the joke is that I'm both pissed and pissed off.)

TL;DR A Finnish actor was stopped by the police, presumably because he was driving an uninspected vehicle, and was convicted of DUI because at the time his BAC was 0.22%. That is enough to be almost twice the limit for aggravated DUI and, needless to say, way over the legal limit.

The story goes that he and his friend were in another. nearby city to was somebody's windows - which could happen, I guess - during which he'd had "some wine" before heading home to Helsinki. In the video, he points out that the reporters from the tabloid that first told the news had been hounding him for a while and were "overjoyed" when he got busted. He also claims that the DUI was unintentional and that he had no knowledge of the car being uninspected.

I like this actor in a professional capacity, I really do. I know he's had problems with alcohol before. But this, this is just unacceptable.

Want to know something pretty damning? Have a glass of wine at dinner. Or, have two 0.33 litre beers. After an hour or so, your BAC is around and probably over 0.05%.

For it to be 0.22%? Either you literally just drank a glass of wine right before you got stopped, or you're drunk enough that you should know better than to drive. You're drunk enough for it to seriously affect you. The kind of brushing off this guy does is intolerable, irresponsible and just plain wrong.

If you figured that the trip wasn't too long for you to drive while drunk, at least fucking admit to it.

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Miksi rakastuin uudelleen kirjastoon, opin hiljalleen hyväksymään e-kirjat ja innostuin taas lukemisesta. #kirjasto #ekirjat #Taskukirjasto #lukeminen

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"I'm a giant fan of the Goodreads site and use it for all my reading needs, from keeping track of what I’ve read to finding new and interesting books for my to read-list. Its most useful aspect, however, is often other users’ reviews of books I’m considering."

Working on my MA thesis reminds me of how much I love academia and analysing stuff; I want to write a paper titled "The Cannibal of Our Discontent" that discusses how the awareness of the prevalence of sexual assault is present in Hannibal fanfiction and how the character of a violently murderous cannibal is used to criticise rape culture.

Just sayin'.

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TL;DR You can deal with a character using magic to cast fireballs at undead skeletons, but a transgender character in the same universe is not okay? Wtf, gamers.

CNET: How gaming's latest controversy betrays our failing imaginations.

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When Did Porn Become Sex Ed? by Peggy Orenstein [The article opens normally despite what the preview shows.]

"So she had turned to pornography. 'There’s a lot of problems with porn,' she wrote. 'But it is kind of nice to be able to use it to gain some knowledge of sex.'

I wish I could say her sentiments were unusual, but I heard them repeatedly during the three years I spent interviewing young women in high school and college for a book on girls and sex."


olla räkätaudissa (lit. 'to be in the snot disease'): to have a cold, especially of the sort that alternatively has you congested and sniffling, makes you sneeze all over the place and causes empty tissue boxes to stack up.

"Emmä pääse tänään, oon ihan räkätaudissa." (I can't make it today, I've got a cold.)

Also olla räkätauti (lit. 'to have the snot disease'): to have (caught) a cold.

"Mulla on ihan järkky räkätauti, aivastelin puolet luennosta." (I've got an awful cold, spent half the lecture sneezing.)
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