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Don't get all the fuss over Chromecast is it just because it has the Google name on it. An xbox, Appletv or Roku all can do many more things that it can do. I am surprised they did not have more apps lined up upon release.

For any Marquette fans Rick Majerus has died one of the few people I have liked from that program a great coach.

Seeing a few reports that Larry Hagman has died this afternoon.

I think today is a day to stay off G+ the Apple haters will be out in full force with their negativity.

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Love the red helmets but the uniform top is kind of boring.

Sad to hear about Ernest Borgnine passing away. Him and as wife always participated in the Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee. Always a fun time.

It is an awesome day in Badgerland, love when it is in the high 60's low 70's. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms.

The Verizon ad for the Galaxy nexus is so lame. I am not sure why putting contacts into circles would make me want to buy a phone? I can think of many more options I'd want.

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This is an awesome video.
Pretty Awesome Indeed

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Verizon is scraping their $2 fee according to @cnn. Guess the social media outcry worked its magic!
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