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Well, this is it - the last E-mail..........
September 21, 2015 Well, this is it. The last email that I will be
sending to you as a full time missionary. This week has been really good, we've
been working like crazy, and really, just having a lot of fun finding, and
teaching. We had kind of a letdown,...
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It was a cold baptism :)
This week was really good, mainly
because we had a baptism! It was incredible! The girls name is Andrea,
and she actually contacted us in the street, saying she wanted to be a
part of the church, and that she already believed in the Book of Mormon,
and ...
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Her mom won't let her be baptized........
September 7, 2015 This week was a
really great week, and we received a lot of blessings, but I want to share with
you just one. We've been working with a girl for a long time, and she's
completely read the Book of Mormon, has a testimony of everything, and ...
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The castle was built more or less around 1500 b.c
August 31, 2015  This week was great. We did so much!
And yet, when I think about all we did, it seems like it was all done so long
ago! So much happened and we saw so many miracles, more than normal, and yet
when I stop and really think about it all, it's ...
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We only got a little lost :)
August 24, 2015 Well, this past week was a fun one! We've started teaching
piano that's interesting, and the district meeting we had was a ton
of fun too, because we as a district didn't have the money to be able to make
it to Valencia, so we h...
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She accepted the invitation to be baptized!
August 18, 2015 Well, this week has left me a bit dumbfounded, because I
have learned so much and had so many amazing experiences, seen so many
miracles, laughed a ton, made new friends, and overall just been in shock at
the amount of love the Lord has for ...
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it's just really obvious that the Lord is hastening His work.
August 10, 2015 So, last week, since I didn't get to
write, I got to fill you in briefly on what happened. As a mission we have
weekly standards that we are supposed to aim for, such as a baptism a week, 12
lessons with members present, stuff like that, and...
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I was only in that area with that companion for 3 weeks!
July 27, 2015 Ok, so this week was the craziest of my mission
life...probably of my whole life to be honest. It all started on Monday , when
after playing sports with the zone, elder Oliver realized he couldn't tap his
right foot like fact, he ...
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Even the Africans say it’s too hot for them!
July 20, 2015 This week was good, but rather
plain. We did have a lot of people stop us, instead of us stopping them, so
that was fun, and we found a lot of people to teach too. Also, the other elders
had a baptism, so that was neat, and we were able to get...
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I was in a slump...
July 13, 2015 Well....this week as an
adventure!  It's been really crazy, and I'm still not unpacked all the way
just because we haven't really even had time to breath between all the visits
and stuff we have to do. I’m still super lost, and don't know my a...
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