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If a bunch of photographers from G+ would get together for a conference in different cities around the world, where they can share experiences and tips, who would you want them to be? (Just mention 10 or less)

My picks would be:
+Patrick Di Fruscia (Landscape)
+Colby Brown (Landscape)
+Jay Patel (Landscape)
+Neal Urban (Wedding)
+Alan Shapiro (Portraits/Macro)
+Mihailo Radičević (Street photography)
+Takahiro Yamamoto (Urban Architecture)
+Johan Swanepoel (Animals & Wildlife)
+Philippe Sainte-Laudy (Nature)
+Nicole S. Young (Food)

The list would be longer, but I think if it's 10, I would focus on them.
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This would be one friggin' awesome mentor group (and cocktail party attendee list) Thanks +Lili Ana for the inclusion among such an incredibly talented group.
It's just my photography conference dream with a coffee! haha :)
Hugs you guys! :)