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Finally a new blogpost! Is it difficult to start a fashion brand? #fashion #entrepreneur #marketing #business

Fashion industry is very fascinating and glamorous, and truly tempting to be part of,  but what does it require to start your own fashion label? This question has probably crossed your mind if you are interested in starting your own fashion brand. Having…

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"How to find customers for your fashion brand." #FashionMarketing #Marketing #Fashion #Customers #HowTo #Tips

Answer first few simple questions. You are probably in a situation, where you either have a collection or you’ve created a brand OR have an idea for a brand, and it’s time to move forward – it’s time for you to find the customers. Before we start looking…

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Oh my! I've decided to brand myself! Find out more 👇🏼 #Marketers #Fashion #Blogger #PersonalBrand #Branding

It’s time to get serious. Branding a business is one thing, but branding yourself – as an entrepreneur, expert, specialist, designer or what ever – is a totally different story. I’ve been following online world for a while now, after switching from…

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Why is it important to ALWAYS brand a fashion label? #Branding #Marketing #FashionMarketing #Fashion

Great brands appeal to the brain (common sense) as well as to the heart (feelings), and offer functional and emotional benefits. Branding helps to build relationships with the customers and strong brands are normally well trusted

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New blogpost: "How to be available as a Fashion brand" #Fashion #Marketing #Branding #FashionMarketing

Brand has to be available both mentally and physically. Mental availability gives customers reason to think about your brand, before they are even considering of making a purchase. For achieving mental availability, brand message has to be clear and…

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New blogpost: "What consistency means for a fashion label" #fashion #fashionmarketing #branding #marketing

  Every marketer knows, that you need to be consistent in order to gain visibility and connect with the target audience. But for a fashion brand – being consistent is much more. First of all, fashion label should apply consistency to the brand promise,…

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New blogpost: Creating a fashion brand: Emotional meaning to the owner and customer #Fashion #Branding #Emotions

Fashion, is all about being included – to be part of the world or lifestyle that feels good, looks good and moreover is available. Anyone and everyone should have a chance to get it – regardless of the financial situation. (Agins 1999). Emotions can be…

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Finally a new #blogpost: #Fashion brand provenance and "made in" tags. Does it all matter?

The story of who you are and where you come is one of the most important aspects when meeting new people. The same applies to brands and their own stories. Currently brand origin, locality, authenticity and originality are strong assets, that should not…

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My recent blog posts concentrate on brand ingredients that I have mentioned on one of my early posts, and before we kick-start this one, I would like to add brand image to the brand ingredient list as well. But first – let’s see what brand reputation is,…
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