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Feeling burned out in your business?

From the outside looking in, you’ve got your sh*t together.  But inside you’re feeling bone tired, cranky, irritable, mentally exhausted and quite frankly, over everything!

 Your holiday’s aren’t due to start for another few weeks, you’ve got deadlines to meet and proposals to pitch.  So what to do?  

Here’s some things that have helped me when I’ve felt burned out, I hope they help you too!

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How To Write An About Page That Will Shine Online

The About page is one of the most read pages on your website - but it can be hard to write.

These tips may help you.

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Success Tips To Help Your Business Bloom!

As we hurtle towards the end of financial year, it's helpful to consider where you want your business to be this time next year.

These tips were gleaned from a one-day business networking function that featured +Fiona Redding as guest speaker.

#businesstips   #successtips  

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Do You Ever Feel Stuck Writing Your Website Content?

If you feel stuck as you’re trying to write your website content, you’re not alone!

You could be in the middle of launching a new website, rebranding your current one or simply updating some content.

Here’s 3 reasons why writing your own website content is hard, plus some juicy takeaway tips to get unstuck now!

#websitecontent   #website   #contentcreation  

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Ever Tried To Follow An Exact Business Formula, Marketing System Or Online Sales Blueprint?

If you didn't get the results you thought, I hope these 7 tips will help you create your own business formula for success!

#businesstips   #onlinebusiness   #onlinemarketing  

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Want to blog but think everything has already been said?

You’ve got a swipe file of headlines, you regularly use Evernote to capture ideas and you’ve got piles of Post It notes with random thoughts.

Here are two blog tips that have helped me write when I believe that everything has already been said!

#contentcreation   #bloggingtips   #blogtips  

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3 tips to create meaningful content online

Worried that your content creation efforts are being lost in the online noise? Read on for some practical tips to get your content noticed and acted upon...

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Valuable information here via +Click-Winning Content about organic searches and AdWords
AdWords Tip

I regularly get asked if there is a connection between AdWords and organic search rankings.

The answer is No.

Here’s the Google Webmasters video on that topic 

#AdWords   #PPC   #Melbourne  

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Have you noticed how many thought leaders, influencers and online superstars are talking about creating quality content?

But what if you’re creating quality content and it’s being lost in the online noise? These 3 tips may help you out

#contentcreation   #contentmarketingtips   #contentmarketing  

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Want to blog but think everything has already been said?

If you start writing your blog and feel like your ideas are just repeated versions of stuff that everyone else around you has already said these two blog tips may help

#blogtips   #contentcreation   #bloggingtips  
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