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'..its sad to see you walk tru that door, u r suppose to be with us, our family.."


Prepare myself for first comeback after 2 years resting from any Softball Tournament! Melacca, here i come!!

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Check out this video on YouTube:
Enjoy Rock Kapak!!

"..'u knw the answer', isnt the answer any of human expected! Whoever giving that answer to us, they expected us to understand by ourselves, but in the other hand, they just afraid to tell the truth..!"


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23 n 24/4 - Open Melacca tournament! Lets play hard!!

Malaysian ppl hardly to understand the benefit of BIOPLASTIC..

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..already 40 this year but still wanna play like 20 hahaha..!
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..interesting life, good and bad seems flowing same direction!

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Touch me so deeply!

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