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best water removal houston
water damage cyrpess
water damage cyrpess

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BEST Water Damage Experts in Houston

24/7 Emergency Water, Smoke, and Fire Restoration Specialists in Houston Texas.

Has your home or business become the victim of water damage in Houston, TX, or any nearby area? Do you have a leaking roof, or perhaps a plumbing failure? If your answer is yes, have no fear – BIONIC Emergency Services is here!

As the region’s leading water damage specialists, we understand that water can be the number one enemy of home and business owners alike. Not only is water a major hassle to clean up once it is out of control inside your home or office, but it can have devastating effects on hardwood flooring, carpets, furnishings, computers, and even your walls.

Leaving water damage untreated can lead to thousands of dollars in unexpected replacements and repairs. The resulting accumulation of mold and mildew is highly unhealthy, particularly for children, pets, as well as individuals with allergies and respiratory problems. Furthermore, water can compromise a building’s structural integrity, placing its occupants in unnecessary danger. This is where professional water damage restoration comes in.

We are proud to offer a complete selection of water damage restoration and related services for all manner of residential and commercial dwellings.

Bionic Emergency Services
14300 Northwest Freeway, Ste B5, Houston, TX 77040
Phone: (713) 338-2424
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