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Brandon Simmons
flutist, hacker, photographer living in RVA
flutist, hacker, photographer living in RVA

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gvim -p `git ls-files`

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My friend Todd is releasing an all-bass album/art/story project and funding it on Kickstarter. I've heard an early version and it's awesome. Check it out!

Finally took 30sec to google "vim visual reselect" and found out about `gv`. I'll  be using that 100x/day

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okay, who broke hackage again?  :\

I know I picked out the cheapest android phone at the Verizon store, but am I really to blame that it's a POS? I mean the phone app is barely usable, let alone facebook. Shouldn't there be some reasonable expectation that the output of a hardware/software pipeline of a handful of billion-dollar companies would produce something that was at least usable?

You order the cheapest bottle of wine at a restaurant you're not expecting Dom Perignon. But you don't expect the waiter to bring a filthy balloon full of prison hooch either.

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Just finished a fun JavaScript (raphael.js) simulation of a novel MIS algorithm derived from the neural biology of a developing fly! The implementation in 'algorithm.js' is also meant to be expository.

Thanks to Ziv Bar-Joseph for answering some silly questions I had a while back.

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Finally got my old busted wordpress blog formerly at (dot name?... really?) migrated to octpress, and up at (that's much easier on the eyes).

A lot I want to change about it still, but it will give me a single place to put code, projects, art/photography stuff.

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Just signed up for the Stanford Machine Learning class. Woot!
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