Google+ is a One Way Street
I noticed that Google+ engagement onsite is pretty impressive. People will +, reshare and comment all the time. That's great. I almost moved here from Twitter. There is one crucial difference though. When I don't share my post on Twitter someone else will do. So the engagement moves both ways, from my site to Twitter and from Twitter to my site.
Google+ is just a one way street though. I have to share my articles each time or nobody will even notice them on Google+. Once I share them here I get also +1 engagement on my blog but without it doesn't work. There is no overlap of audiences. People who follow me on Google+ do not read my blog unless I share my postings.
That's bad. I'm not here to create "great content" for Google. I'm here to get more readers for myself not Google. I may reconsider my Google+ usage.
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