Google: Stop Hatin' Me!
Two of three times I get a captcha when searching #Google. 
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I've been getting this lots too. A couple of vaguely 'advanced' searches and they start. Seems worse on the work network where a few of us are on each ip
Ive been getting this daily for months. Nothing new here.
Got any plugins pulling data in serp's? Sequake etc? I see this if im rank checking, sequaking or advanced operating...
Not for me... We'll not on that computer 
+Jon Dunn I got Seoquake installed but I rarely actively use it. Does it check in the background without me knowing it? I may switch it off to see whether there is a difference. Also it's only on FF while I get the captchas on Opera and Chrome too. even with FF not running.
It shouldn't run in the background when switched off and if its a different browser that receives captcha then its got to be something else coming into play.

I have had a similar thing when working in an office and not at home so maybe it's a shared network problem?
Or maybe google is just hatin you right now? :/
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