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ROFL. Now that I banned Google I recovered from Panda.
They rank me again at approx. my former position, #13 for [seo blog]. Why did they index me? Due to Google+ shares. Each time a post gets shared I get indexed for a few minutes and then de-indexed again.
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Yeah, do not optimize for Google, criticize Google.
+Kevin Gallagher I banned Google search on my blog a few months ago to prove I can live without it after I got pandalized for no apparent reason at at the end of 2011.
Well, I can't see your blog here in India. Not at #13 & not even at #30 :( 
Hey, thanks for the feedback everybody. It seems my results get localized (from Germany) despite me using a clean browser. Using an US proxy I see my blog at #24. Last time checked I was outside the top 100.
Interesting. The localization bubble. Is there a service that samples multiple proxies for a global reading?
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