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Tadeusz Szewczyk (Tad Chef)
Helping people with blogs, social media + search. Popularize ideas, people + things.,,
Helping people with blogs, social media + search. Popularize ideas, people + things.,,

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"Many of us are so busy following the path others have paved for us that we forget who we are and why we’re here."

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Why Link Building is Not What You Need
Updated 2017 version feat +David Farkas and his linkable assets definition

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"Organic reach for Facebook Pages fell 52 percent in 2016."
Can You Still Reach People on Social Media Without Paying for Ads?

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"The GMT will be the largest optical telescope ever designed and built, and construction has not only already begun, it's expected to see first light in 2023 and to reach completion in 2025"
There was a wonderful article today in Forbes (January 25, 2017 with excellent clear photography, graphics, and writing describing the amazing engineering feat of building the largest optical telescope in the world. It fuses two critical technologies. One is making the largest optical mirrors possible without deformation and grinding them to extremely tight tolerances. The second is using adaptive optics and powerful computing systems to bring seven separate mirror systems together to produce one image. The Large Magellan Telescope has seven separate mirrors, each about 8 meters in diameter giving it a total diameter of 25 meters, close to the size of a basketball court. It will gather more than 100 times the light of the Hubble Space Telescope and more than 5 times the light of the very largest telescopes on Earth now. It has been under construction since 2003 and scheduled for first light in 2023 with complete operations beginning in 2025. That's just 6 to 8 years from now. Everything is on schedule.

Already, the University Of Arizona's Mirror Lab has completing the polishing of the huge 3rd mirror. Each almost circular mirror will have a separate adaptive control system. Each mirror is as large as any mirror anywhere on Earth. All seven mirrors and their resulting images will be combined into one image by a very powerful computer system. Perhaps what is most exciting is that this new astronomical instrument is so powerful that we don't know what new aspects of nature and our universe will be revealed. I enjoyed the article because it was almost jargon free. Also the graphic comparing the size of the mirrors of almost all the major telescopes on Earth made me feel how truly groundbreaking it is going to be. There is a clear and very well written discussion of the elements of the telescope and how powerful and precise all the technologies being fused together will be for astronomy.

It will be able to obtain good images of exoplanets the size of Earth out to about 30 light years. This will be the first time for images any larger than just a few pixels. Magellan will also be able to characterize the atmosphere of exoplanets even further out. What will it mean if we find an nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere that has significant methane and organic molecules only associated with life as we know it? Perhaps one of the most wonderful things about this instrument is that it is likely to make discoveries that we can not imagine. It's facing the unimaginable unknown as hard to conceive of as real time travel or hidden dimensions with separate kinds of universes with different laws of nature. Will fact be stranger than fiction? Find out by reading this wonderful article.

#astronomy #exoplanets #telescopes #discovery #adaptiveoptics #largemagellantelescope

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"The next Mars mission will take place 2 years from now during the Hoffman launch window – when Earth and Mars are the closest to each other." Via +Peter Zsurka

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Can Design Help Against the Sitting Epidemic?

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"your #fitness age—even more than your real age—is the key to providing confirmation of your physical prowess"

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"When virtual life is catered to with more care than real life, real life suffers greatly."

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"Technology can be great. But we need to be considerate of citizens who are not as comfortable with it."
#ux #a11y
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