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Copy, edit, share and turn PDFs into Power Points with these SUPER awesome tools!

#edtech #teachers #PDF

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Become a bonafide blogger with this course at San Diego Writer's Ink in the awesome Liberty Station!

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Hey San Diegan's - want to learn about blogging? This 3-hour course will teach you everything you need to know to get started! 

Check it out.

I have a question for this group - what Health/Wellness Coach Certification programs have you done or heard of? There are a lot of options out there and I'm trying to get feedback on which ones are the best. 

Thanks in advance!

This may sound like a dumb question: do I need to cite sources in an ebook? If so, do I just do so as a footnote?


I am beginning the process of publishing my first ebook and had a few questions, I'm hoping the group can answer them:

1. It's okay to source online articles just like I would a book or study, correct?
2. Do I need to get a copyright on the book? Should I?

Any other details you want to share about things you wish you knew when publishing your first ebook would be hugely helpful - thanks!

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Pack up and ship out with everything you need for your out-of-town race!

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We all take shortcuts, but are yours harming your health? Check it out at +ACTIVE!

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I bet you didn't think honey was this awesome! My new post on Barton Publishing blog has some interesting info - check it out. 

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My new article on juice fasts at +Barton Publishing Digital Media - check out both sides of the story in our juice fasting guide.
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