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Joe Dale
Digital Product Manager, Gamer, Podcaster
Digital Product Manager, Gamer, Podcaster

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Give things a chance people...OK?!

I'm back on Google Plus! You can all rejoice at this later, right now you should at +nDreams Ltd to your circles. Go on, Do it!

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Podcast Ep11 is up and rocking! We have Ep# 12 and 13 on the way before the end of the year too!

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Need something to get you through the day? How about a Video Game Podcast unlike any other? Well here is the Death By Robots Podcast - Episode 10 -

I've neglected Google plus...But it is here to stay...Time to get involved!

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I'm Off to Gamescom with Electronic Arts UK and Any questions regarding EA at GC 2011 remember to use #eaukgc2011 on Twitter -

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I wrote a little piece about Google+ titled "Why I'm Excited About Google+". Fancy reading it? You do!? Oh go on then -

I'm liking G+ at the moment. I'm going to use it as a way to post articles about Marketing / Video Games to people who actually give a damn. Also hoping to learn a lot from other people's posts.

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A Nice little Article on who should / shouldn't look after Social Media in organisations -
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