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Sushant Khandekar

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Messenger of God
Messenger of God It was a fine Sunday evening and
I was fighting with sleep to wake up. At that time my mobile start ringing. Oh
god! Its too boring to get out of the bed and pick up the call. “Ha, Aai bolo” “Kya kar rahe ho beta?” “Kuch nahi Aai, aaram kar...

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टपाल (Letter)
टपाल.....आजच्या मॉडर्न युगात दुर्मिळ होत चाललेली गोष्ट. टपाल हा शब्द ऐकल्यावर बरेचजण क्षणभर अवाक होऊन पाहतात आणि त्यावर प्रतिक्रिया असते कि, अरे!! बऱ्याच दिवसानंतर ऐकला रे हा शब्द. त्यातल्या त्यात जमेची बाजू म्हणजे बऱ्याचजणांना हा शब्द ओळखीचा तरी वाटतो, नाह...

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Be the Change
It is said that,
change is the only constant thing. Yes it is true, we have to keep updating
ourselves regularly in order to survive in today’s world. Everyone is talking
about change, changing India, changing nation, but no one is talking about
changing ou...

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