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Fun auto-compilation of pictures from the past week

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2014-11-08 Bigelow at State XC Meet
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So, I've been a big fan of +Susan Scrupski's since we worked together at 7-8 years ago, and a quiet member of this community through several reinventions of itself. I've always been a great proponent of its purpose, but struggled to find my place and voice, since my primary business for the past five years has been running global alliances in Wipro, which hasn't been conducive to being a social business leader or active member of CAWW.

While my primary role continues to be running global alliances in Wipro (primarily with IBM), TWO exciting developments are taking shape that I thought I would share.

1. I tried to launch social business as a grass roots movement in Wipro in 2009. We grew our FREE Yammer network to 5000 members until the CIO office killed it. Five years and three CIOs later, on 20th August, Wipro launched our Social Enterprise Initiative on Yammer. All employees are enabled, but must voluntarily activate their account. In the last month, our network has growth by:
+ 31,231 Members
+ 2,596 Groups 
+ 97,412 Messages
+ 4,808 Files
+ 82 Notes

2. Our very social CIO, who has really spearheaded this initiative, along with our impending rollout of Office365 to 120,000 employees, nominated me to be the Wipro Enterprise Social Officer. The nomination has been approved by our CHRO and CEO. They are now cooking up the job description. 

I was honored to be nominated, and am very excited about the potential. But of course, this is a "moonlighting role", in addition to my primary alliances "day job", so that means more work, more risk and not sure if it comes with any additional pay. 

I'd welcome feedback from others on what should be in the job description (and what should NOT), how should success be measured, examples of rollout plans, etc. 

This should be an exciting journey. I hope it will prove useful to share it with this community.

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Matthew making the morning announcements at school.
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