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Christopher Stephenson
1) IT sector 2) Photography 3) Cooking
1) IT sector 2) Photography 3) Cooking


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Just posed for some virtual photos (and no, its not one of those joke thingies where they show a monkey's photo at the end),,, To Pose or Not to Pose? That is the Question. Part 1

Found this guy from a comment in recently, on DIY kino flo's and ended up watching his videos.  It was fun posing, i suggest people/portrait-photographers try it.

Ok, so this maybe isn't the best way to post this, BUT i'll give it a shot,:

I'd kinda like a [Seen] button on youtube, like the [like/thumbs up button] ... further more it could be smarter like with emails... Read/UnRead ... Seen/UnSeen videos.. maybe slightly different shading?

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I wonder if google-WAVE would have intergrated nicely into g+ ?

Uh Uh google+ is looking very slick !

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nice to see something & SOMEONE decent one the news!
In case you missed it, or if like me you just can't remember a single second of it because your brain couldn't cope, here's the video of me on BBC Breakfast yesterday...

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ummm Brownies
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