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#davidgaudreault, #personalbranding, #passiveincome, #entrepreneurship, #business
#davidgaudreault, #personalbranding, #passiveincome, #entrepreneurship, #business

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People are googling your name at every stage of your career and what they find has a major implication on your professional career!

Complete Guide on How to Brand Yourself

It contains 35 Actionable Tips + 3 Bonus Tips on creating your brand identity, building your brand assets, creating engaging blog posts, creating engaging visuals (photos and videos), putting together a content marketing strategy and creating webinars and seminars.

Taking actions over these tips will provide you with the following benefits that will forever change your professional life:

• You will gain a much higher perceived value
• You will be differentiated from the competition
• You will become the “go-to” person in your area of expertise
• You will be perceived as the authority
• You will gain a lot more trust and credibility
• You will be known as an expert in your field
• You will attract awesome opportunities matching your strengths and interests
• You will be well connected to your target audience
• You will be surrounded and supported by a large community
• You will be more resourceful
• You will have a large network of professional contacts
• You will control your image and the perception of others toward you

If you need help or want to discuss any matter related to personal branding, please join the following group that I recently created:

Enjoy your reading!
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Just starting your business and don't want to spend days making a long and laborious business plan?

Check out this 15-minute alternative. Instead of making a long business plan out of false assumptions because you are at the customer development stage and you are way too early in the process to have fundamental data, use the Business Model canvas! A great visual tool to build the best business model for your business.

Well segmented into sections so you can use this article as a reference. I provide detailed explanations for each bloc with multiple examples.

As a bonus, in the last section, I give a full Business Model Canvas example for a digital product, more specifically an online course.

Are you gonna use this tool to build your business model? Let me know in the comments!
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Sometimes I feel like common mistakes are SO common they are becoming the standard.

Entrepreneurs line up to fall into these traps and pay the big price for what could easily be avoided.

In this article I made a selection of 11 business mistakes that are very common, but also counter intuitive! This selection is different from well-known and well-documented business mistakes in the sense that these mistakes can hardly be avoided with common sense.

In fact, common sense will probably tell you to do the total opposite of what you should be doing!
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