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Mindfulness Moments: Awaken to Beauty
I can awaken to the beauty that is all around me.

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Gratitude Adjustment
I am grateful for signs of Spring

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Mindfulness Moments: New beginnings have a rich history
In nature winter is the season of change below the surface. The blog and I have been in deep hibernation and are ready to celebrate new growth. Today it is with great joy that I present to you a harbinger of Spring- The Marotta puppy! Introducing Sirius "Du...

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Mindfulness Mondays: Clear the Clutter
My home quickly accumulates paper, books, photos, and unfinished projects. On any given day my brain swirls with to do lists, frustrations, happy thoughts, and random ideas. Somewhere in all of the STUFF (mind and closets) there are sparks of joy. Would you...

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Mindfulness Mondays: Pause to Reflect
We are entering the third week in January and it is time to reflect on 2016 intentions. My overall intention is to be "PRESENT" this year. Whether I am having coffee with a friend or doing research on my computer- I want to be focused on that moment. Take s...

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Mindfulness Mondays: Be Playful
Children have a natural mindfulness. Watch how they make daily activities fun through the element of play.   Make an intention this week to be playful. Allow yourself to be open to new ways to approach the seriousness of work and daily activities.

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Thank You Elvis, Thank You Very Much
Elvis 1970 It's January 8 friends, and it's Elvis Presley's birthday. Elvis was already "The King" when I was a kid. I was one of the billions who experienced his Aloha Tour. The connection he made with his audience was magical, reaching all the way through...

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Mindfulness Mondays: Making Peace with Change
Portuguese Water Dog Puppies "There is no beginning.    There is no end.   There is  only change." ~   Robert Monroe It is comforting to think of life as a continual process of change.  Resolutions do not have to have sharp edges of beginning (This year I w...

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Lucky New Year's Dip
Some call it superstition, I like to think of it as southern tradition- no matter how you look at "luck" it's time to mix up a bowl of black eyed peas. This year my recipe is a combination of two Pinterest recipes- h/t to Creme De La Crumb and Spicy Souther...

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Mindfulness Mondays: Taste
Thankful for dessert at OKCMOA cafe 2015 Mindful eating involves many senses. On Saturday I had a delightful day at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art with my mom.As an added treat we ordered a dessert to share. It was sensational. The carrot cake was first a ...
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