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Google Analytics tips & tricks
Het laatste nieuws, tips & tricks over Google analytics
Het laatste nieuws, tips & tricks over Google analytics

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Google Analytics referral spam

Op zoek naar een oplossing voor referral spam in +Google Analytics ? Probeer deze tool van +Simo Ahava eens!
Add spam filters with the help of this tool

The Spam Filter Installer, created by Google Developer Expert +Simo Ahava is a simple web application that automatically adds a set of  referral spam filters to Google Analytics views you have sufficient rights to. 

Simo walks you through how the tool works:
Download the source code from GitHub: 
See a live version of the tool:

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Google Analytics Consultancy

Als officieel Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) is Expand Online specialist op het gebied van Google Analytics en ondersteunt graag bij alle Google Analytics vraagstukken.

Dit kan variëren van basisimplementaties op de website tot complexe integraties met externe online of zelfs offline systemen. Voor ons geldt over het algemeen; hoe complexer of lastiger hoe interessanter!

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Today we’ve added many new secondary dimensions to standard reports, including the much-asked for Custom Dimensions.

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One of our favorite features of Google Tag Manager is the ability to add new tags to your site using a tag template instead of copying-and-pasting code — and we’ve just made tagging even easier with several new built-in tag templates. Just add a few key details to the template, and Google Tag Manager will automatically generate the correct code.

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Before now, In-Page Analytics was limited to showing clickthrough information by URL and not by the actual link on the page, meaning there was no telling which link the user actually clicked.

We are now introducing a new feature that solves these issues. To use Enhanced Link Attribution, you’ll need to add two lines to your tracking snippet and enable the feature in the web property settings. In-Page Analytics will then use a combination of element IDs and destination URL to provide the following new capabilities:
- Distinguish between multiple links to the same destination page, attributing the right number of clicks to each link.
- Provide click-through information even when redirects are being used.
- Provide click-through information for other elements such as buttons or navigations that were triggered by JavaScript code.

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Google's new Cost Data Import tool, now available in public beta, allows Google Analytics users to import their cost data from any digital source -- such as paid search providers, display providers, affiliates, email, social and even organic traffic.

Your imported cost data can be viewed in two places: in a new report called Cost Analysis in Traffic Sources, and in the newly publicly available Attribution Modeling Tool. These reports show you how all your digital marketing channels are performing compared to each other, so you can make better decisions about your marketing programs.

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Mobile app measurement is critical to the future of marketers, developers and entrepreneurs. Since the Mobile App Analytics beta launch in July, we’ve been receiving great feedback from many app developers and advertisers in the beta testing program. We’ve been using that feedback as well as our own roadmap to improve Mobile App Analytics. This week we’re excited to share new versions of the beta SDKs with a few important updates:

Added armv7s (iOS6) support 
This will enable app tracking within iOS6 apps / compatibility with new Apple devices.

Added support for social interaction tracking
Are there social elements in your apps? Understanding how they are used is critical to improve their performance - especially as the integration of social and mobile grows closer.

Refined Google Play sources reports
This fixes a bug that previously prevented Google Play sources report from accurately reporting campaigns on most devices running Honeycomb or later.

Fixed CoreData issue in iOS SDK and several issues in Android SDK
Our use of coredata on iOS is more compatible with multi-threaded environments; and fixed the issue for Honeycomb and later devices to measure install campaigns for google play properly.

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Shortcuts help you get to the exact view you want of your data in GA in record time. Rather than having to go through the "find report, add segment, change, sort" process daily, with Shortcuts you can do it once, save it, and come back to it in a single click.

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Today we released a new integration that dramatically reduces the work required to put Google Analytics data into any Apps Script supported product, such as Google Docs, Sites, or Spreadsheets.
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