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Marwana biMp
Just a common guy with a happy family
Just a common guy with a happy family

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Now this is revolutionary... 
Ini nih baru yg namanya inovatif.. smoga aja jadi beneran 

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Enable LTE functionality on your Nexus 4...

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Earth Flying Through Space via NASA STEREO Satellite - Earth is the stationary dot on the lower right, dust clouds and stars of our Milky Way galaxy flying by in background, Sun on left just out of view, with particles flying toward Earth; I don't know yet which planet it is that's flying through the field of view.  This was between June 20 and July 1st of 2013.  The GIF animation is by me, using 62 frames; I cropped out the bottom of the original frames as the star fields were severely over-exposed there, and converted it to black and white.
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Cakep, jago baseball, jago tae kwon do pula... Kurang apalagi? 

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#GOODNEWS# We've been approved on Kickstarter.. The launch is scheduled for Wednesday Aug 21 | 10:00am PDT (New York) | 16:00pm CET (Europe) | 22:00pm Asia (Singapore). One and half plus years of work and the dream is about to begin. Calling supporters, if you have not signed up on yet, go sign up now. See you there. 

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It's so sexy yet so smart...
It's elegant yet so powerful...
With +Omate TrueSmart on my wrist i would use her potential to the max like Tony Stark with Jarvis, I would make her my best friend like Michael Long to KITT of the Knight Rider, I would show her and introduce her to my friends since she is my "Soul Omate" #truesmartcontest

My friend went to a far place from his house at the middle of the night just to make a big cf. He didnt even care the fog and the cold weather. But in the morning he got email from NIA that someone reported him falsifying his location. How can he proof that he was really there and not spoofed?
The resistance didnt even ask whether he was there or not, they reported him directly. 
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