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Anyone ever notice that amazon charges you before you sign in?

Maybe it's nothing, but this is weird.

I just bought a book on, which still had a recent session cookie in my browser (I had logged in an hour earlier, so the cookies were only an hour old).

I clicked purchase, and the charge went through on my account (I have an online bank that is very fast at delivering that info to their app).

At the same time, a login screen popped up, presumably because Amazon requires a manual login after a certain number of minutes to protect transactions from certain threats.

At that point, it seems that Amazon should not have yet charged me, or they are defeating their own security.

Seems like a bug. Thoughts?

Pointers to long-term reviews

Does anyone have pointers to good long-term reviews of Project Fi (at least one year of heavy usage)?

Thanks in advance.


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Came back to Google Plus to call attention to this excellent and timely review of 1987s RoboCop by Verhoeven. They don't make them like they used to.

I can count on one hand the good robot movies that have been made since RoboCop:

Iron Giant
Bicentennial Man
Robot and Frank
Ex Machina

I can't think of any others that have a robot main character and an actual plot with a message. Can you?

Here's the review of RoboCop:

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Pretty good explanation of an important issue. We can exist in a world that melts all the ice, but not one that freezes it back just as fast.

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Today you have the opportunity to save a Hugo-award-winning authors house, and his life. If you have read Ted Whites work, you will not feel right until you have donated.

His message:

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There are many, many definitions of the kung fu grip.

GM has created a new one.

This could also be their most promising invention since the electric starter. I'm not kidding.

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Planting pine trees turns out to be a form of climate engineering. So is letting mammals live wild and unsheltered among them, but that's another story.

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FYI: Email privacy legislation is in jeopardy. The EFF has a little automation set up to help you speak out.
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