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This story baffles me. 7 units vs 70 units is a huge difference. If this nurse had cared for this girl (or any other type1) before, it should have been GLARING to her. Also, it wouldn't take "a few hours" after an injection more than 7 times what was needed for symptoms to show up, would it? I have a feeling we'd have been in an ambulance within the hour. I do agree though - 504s are very important! It also helps communicate to the people who are caring for the child just how serious this is, and that it requires full attention and careful attention to detail.

On the pump, use those settings! We have a total daily dose limit as well as the basal and single bolus limits. Use them not just because of caregivers, but also because as our children grow and gain independence, they will make a mistake or two along the way. It's like fencing in a yard. Give them the freedom to grow, but set safe boundaries so that any mistake they make is one that can be corrected safely.
A child with type 1 diabetes was accidentally given 70 units of insulin instead of 7. Here are several ways to prevent mistakes at school.

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Our growth hormone shift saga continues with a #bgnow  105 just an hour after lunch. She isn't due for a snack for another 50 minutes. Last night, I was giving her juice in her sleep, and temp basaling like a champ all night long. Looks like we are going to need to back off even more. The sliver lining is that she is aware enough to catch these drops before they become actual hypos - at least in her waking hours. Here's hoping the temp basal I instructed and the bumped up/extra snack I approved will do the trick! #diabetessuckssometimes   #lifeofadmom  

#bgnow  throughout today: 8:56am: 226  10:50am (lunch): 199  12:49pm: 88 (1/2 recommended bolus with snack)  2:23pm 99  2:55pm: 103  

We are still trying to re-balance things after her shift in needs last week. made some breakfast and morning snack changes, and reduced basal in the afternoons in an effort to avoid HAVING to feed her extra snacks just to keep her in a safe range. She ate extra uncovered snack at 2:23 because she felt like she was dropping, and she was feeling hypo again at 2:55 as I was picking her up from school, but so far, so good. Hopefully we'll see benefits from the changes I made this afternoon.

Overall though, good day for us!

We won't be able to test at 12:12 since that would disrupt the classroom a little, but we started the day with a #bgnow  of 98! Woot! I think she's coming out of a growth spurt and we are frantically lowering her night time basals to accommodate the hormone change. So..... tired mama but no temp basals were needed to keep her safe last night, so hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel is coming!

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Here's my sweet little type1 <3

Hey everyone! I'm Dmom to Kendall - almost 8 years old, diagnosed on May 31, 2011 and pumping with Animas. I am happy with our "control" right now, but diabetes never stands still for long, right?!
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