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Sidewalls (Medianeras)
Ditch the typical Romantic-Comedy formula and settle for whimsical
reality. The lives of Mariana (Pilar Lopez de Ayala) and Martin (Javier Drolas)
seem to be a perfect match; but the truth is with the millions of people in a
city, a soul-mate may go unnotic...

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The Imposter
This can be perhaps one of the best documentaries created in
the past few years. It is a perfect example of a true life plot twist. Follow a
series of interviews with Frenchman imposter Frédéric Bourdin as he tells his story of
impersonating 16-year-old Nic...

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Rubber (2010)
Hold on tight until the end, “Rubber” can perhaps be amongst
the most abstract, unconventional, irrational and oddly entertaining films to
be created. Director and screenplay writer Quentin Dupieux does a fantastic job
at showering life to a complete inanim...

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Dallas Buyers Club
Alright, alright, alright; Matthew McConaughey sheds the muscles to make room for
something much grander, the performance of a lifetime. Independent film and Oscar
Nominated “Dallas Buyers Club” did the impossible with its minimal budget of
$5 million, depi...

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Cutie and the Boxer
Oscar Nominated
documentary “Cutie and the Boxer” is not simply for the art aficionado, but for
anyone with a curious look into the hardships of love and marriage. Following
the life of well-known, 80-year-old boxing artist Ushio
Shinohara  the film present...
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