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Micah Smailey (Ms. Micah)
Guidance, Inspirations and Lessons Learned
Guidance, Inspirations and Lessons Learned

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For Valentine's Day I thought I would share different words for the English word "love" beginning with 'philia' and 'agape' in the effort to help us grow in our understanding of love we feel and feel from others. The blogs linked have memes you can share and further information.



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This is for the wounded lovers, the women who have known pain and violence in sex or their relationships. This is for anyone who has felt shame or guilt for finding a healing salvation in a well-intended, intimate connection with another human.
This is also for the men that know how to care and nurture these women knowing that sometimes this means they are inadvertently daunted with the eximious task of righting another man’s wrongs - in her mind and heart anyway.
I debated dividing this into more than one part but doing so would feel like sliding a knife through a healing process and I just couldn't do it. Ride the wave, it'll be worth it.

I want to begin by saying that the most important thing to remember throughout this archetypal narrative is to trust your instincts. The best men (and women) would only respect you and love you more for it. Reading further will be, in a way, an act of surrender...

Click and scroll past the image for the story:

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Two main topics today for the Super Full Moon in Taurus:
1. Sometimes it can be difficult to heal from past traumas or abuse, that's when it can be beneficial to learn how to transmute those past experiences. I give an example of how someone can reflect our growth and assist with this process in my latest blog, Reflections. If it sounds sexual, it's because it's meant to:

2. My transmutation of past pain is to create a non-profit for women in need of support during times of crisis or recovering from trauma. I let you know how you can help! Stay tuned for more on that!

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Three main topics are addressed in this video:
1. In honor of my late grandmother and today being Día de los Muertos I discuss regrets.
2. I answer questions posed by viewers about my references in past videos to being in a healthy relationship as well as if I know of any other examples of love addicts that have had successful relationships.
3. How looking into our shadows can help us appreciate our patterns and our addiction not only to the euphoria but also the inevitable lows.

I write more about the polarities of love here:

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Honey, Horses and Mugwort
As I brew my special cup of Sunday morning coffee infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove I ponder the stillness Sunday mornings bring and how creativity seems to be born from a place of stillness. When we are still long enough to tune in to our nat...

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Being Your Job
Simon Sinek helped change my attitude. Here's how: When I was at my steady job last night there was one particular hour that got exceptionally busy. The top of each hour and sometimes the half hour are called 'flips' because this is when all the rooms can p...
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