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Godspeed in XDA and PBT announced. Ares looks amazing.

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The Tex Yoda 2 pre order is live. The timing is terrible. White fox and multiple desirable keycaps group buys being active. Still if you need a compact keyboard with integrated track point, this is certainly unique.

From the dept of stupid design. So let's say you screw up your mac enough that you can't go into sudo mode anymore. On unix systems the traditional way to fix that has been to either login as root or boot up into single user mode and fix the problem. Apple in it's infinite wisdom replaced the escape key with a touchbar.

Guess what, it doesn't work in single user mode. Good luck trying to use vim to edit a file. Also without the OS running it doesn't respect your key remapping, so even though I remapped the CAPS LOCK to ESC it doesn't work in single user either. In the end I had to plugin in a dongle and use a USB keyboard. What were the designers at apple thinking?

#apple #macbook #vim #escape #whatweretheythinking

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This keyboard looks amazingly good value. PBT keycaps, BT4 and 60% layout. I have a drevo gramr kicking around on a gaming machine so I know these boards are actually pretty well made. According to input club the outemu brown is actually a decent tactile switch too. Crazy.

I'm going to be upgrading my mother in laws wifi in the near future. She's got a largish two story house and although the Asus Dark Knight router, running tomato firmware, has served her well, it doesn't quite have enough juice to cover the entire building.

I was thinking about investing in one of the new fancy Mesh systems from ubiquiti, trading under the Amplifi brand, but balked a little at the sticker price. Talking with my good friend Chris, he mentioned their prosumer line also contains a less sophisticated mesh product that works very well.

It's not as fancy as the Amplifi because it doesn't use multiple 5GHz networks as backhaul, but it has a few clear advantages over the competition. Their UAP line of products are basically battle tested at this point and has been shipping widely for quite some time.

They have excellent firmware and management platform support. I get regular updates from them every few months, and they still support my older UAP-Pro which I picked up as a refurb. You won't find many consumer companies doing that, if ever. Not even google.

I ended up picking up a UAP-AC-Pro, an excellent Access Point, and one of the smaller, cheaper and less capable UAP-AC-Ms. The AC-Pro has 3 radios and the AC-M has 2. The idea is to use the UAP-AC-Pro as the wired AP and have the AC-M connect using a wireless uplink. It'll be about half the bandwidth when connected to that particular AP, but I think that's a reasonable trade off. Cost wise, both units together are about 200USD. That's quite reasonable for low end enterprise quality gear.

I spent some of this evening checking the hardware and upgrading it to the latest firmware. I had a bit of hard time getting my controller to adopt the APs at first, until I realized it needed to be in the same physical subnet. But, with that out of the way upgrading the firmware was a breeze. My only concern so far is the AC-M gets very hot. It's in a very slim ABS container, so hopefully it won't overheat and burn out over time.

The controller runs in Java, but is only needed to set up the network. I have a small server running at my mother in laws house which I can easily run a docker instance on, so I'm not too concerned. I'll write up more once I get around to doing the actually install.

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Steam summer sale. This game is awesome, especially if you loved Secret of Mana. It's an action RPG where your button mashing and ability to memorize boss attack patterns and timing come into play. It's an old school action JRPG. It has the right level of frustration/grinding/reward and so far the story has been good rather annoying. Recommended.

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PSA. If you are running Unifi on Debian and you start getting segementation faults while starting the unifi management stack, this is the work around.
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