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A bit dated, but a beautiful video nonetheless. Life is truly incredible. Watch these little one's awakening!

Thank you so much for sharing, +Derrick Best!

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Twins were born, but haven't realized that..- HD:
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And then "they" just up and left.

Thanks for sharing, +Brad Snowder!

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Ha ha! And that is how the human race began. Yes! From all those years ago!

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Why not share the Endless Curiosity!

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An interesting find for nautical antique lovers, and for those of us who enjoy misplaced humor. Ahem.  

A motor boat handbook which "Includes construction, repair, management, navigation, storage, specifications, underway, storm warnings and signal codes, engine repair and everything you need to know about the motor boat and its engine."  --All very important! 

See more here:
The Motorboat Publishing Company. New York. Fourth Ed., 1910. 131p.  

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I'm older than I look, +Erin-Kayla Love.
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It would be interesting to know what exactly he is seeing, as opposed to the human eye...

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That is correct, " I  spy with My  eye."
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Is it "fair" to think of an organization as an organism?

Thanks for sharing, +Gideon Rosenblatt.

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Are Organizations Alive?

With each passing year, organizations act more and more like living entities thanks to the evolution of technology.

The notion that organizations might be a form of life is a radical perspective. It is useful as metaphor, but through this and future articles, I hope to persuade you that an “organization as life” perspective is more than just metaphor.

These are the opening lines from the first in a new line of articles, exploring the future of technology, organizations and humanity. I shared this in a post a week and a half ago, and in return received some of the richest commentary and thinking I've yet experienced here on Google+. 

Are Organizations Alive? A Different Take on the Evolution of Technology

I share this again for two reasons. One, because this piece marks an important shift in the direction of my writing going forward and I am eager to gain more perspectives on it. And, two, because I encourage you to browse through the excellent commentary. These comments are easily visible at the bottom of the article because I'm using Google Comments (just be sure to click on the "View all X replies" under the first comment). Alternatively, you can go to the original post here:

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Thank you, +Erin-Kayla Love. Thanks for passing this along. 
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Climbing the ladder of the imagination, one book at a time.

Thanks for sharing, +Steve Elliott.

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"You know it's love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you're not part of their happiness."

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Thank you for sharing, +Fareed Atman. I think compassion is essential in all affairs of the heart. 
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Let go, and let be... become.

Allison J. Bratt's The Keeper of the Honey Bees, watercolor and acrylic on wood.

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Thank you so much for sharing, +Hans Wohlfarth. These words, and your intentions in sending them, have been well received. I like the piece that you present by Edith Södergran. And your words, they too arouse my senses.

To awaken from a journey's sleep, to find then that the journey has only just begun. 
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The light from beyond Mother Earth's breast.

From the talented, +Marc Lafontan. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. 

#NaturePhotography , #MotherEarth , #EternalLight  
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no words....
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I am a student at the Universtity of South Carolina, and a budding philosopher of science.
More specifically, I enjoy studying philosophies of the mind.
- I am an ongoing student.
- To turn experienced phenomena into lessons learned is the best advice I can share.
- Keeping life light, yet enriched with deep thought, is very important for my well-being.
- Seeking knowledge through critical thinking fuels my passionate pursuits.
- Perhaps one might describe me as a bit of an Alice-in-a-wonderland type.
- I often feel driven to madness in the throes of great philosophical debate during many of my intellectual inquiries; thus, I am an A-typical autodidactic learner. 
Generally speaking: I am an introverted social-butterfly, which often leads to awkward feelings, as I most enjoy being secluded with my thoughts, yet I thrive (quite naturally) from other minds.
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Ahem. My last name is Love.
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