From the illustrator of Dead Brains

If you like the zombie art work featured in Dead Brains - The Zombie Brain Trainer you are going to LOVE this zombie colouring book!

The book includes over 20 black and white zombies for you, or your kids to colour in. If you buy the book you also get additional FREE colouring sheets emailed to you and other goodies thrown in!
sales pitch warning ... you've been warned

It has taken me several months of effort to even find the time to do this little side project. Stole a minute here, scanned a little there, even ignored my fighting kids for an few extra moments just so I could adjust an image. I ended up in the doghouse for it so lesson learned. Anyways ... here is what I hope will be the first in a series, and secretly fear this will be a huge flop the Zombie Factories first ever digital download Zombie Colouring Book !

Anyone that orders this will get a $5.00 discount on the future Art of Byron picture book coming out sometime in Dec. 2011 as well as access to exclusive never before seen colouring pages.

spread the word if you could! thanks.

available at Big Cartel
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