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Android Photographers
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Android Photographers

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The NEW Android Photography Community is now LIVE
Welcome to the Android Photography Community

You are all welcome to join the NEW Android Photography Community, formally the +Android Photographers G+ page. Here you can share your photos taken with Android Devices, ask questions, get information on new technology and devices and even join Android Photography specific events.

I am working on a series of sponsors for give-a-ways as well!

Share with anyone you know that loves taking photos with their Android phone or tablet!
Android Photography
For Those That Take Photos with Android Mobile Devices
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Can anyone tell me if buying the new HDFX360 lens kit was a good idea for using it on my android smartphone?
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Android Photographers

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Who Was That Masqued Mannequin? by +Garry Knight 

Below is a photo of a mannequin taken from a shop window by Garry using his Android device. Garry used the light balance to get the shot from his phone. As a result he did not need to process the photo. Nice job Garry. 

Do you play with the light when taking a photo to get special effects from your Android phone without processing?

If so, please share with #androidography  so that we can share with everyone
Who Was That Masqued Mannequin?

I shoot shop windows. Or, rather, their contents. Some of them are works of art and I feel like sharing them with people who don't get to go to the shop. This one was, I seem to recall, in South Molton Street, London.

It didn't need any processing. I managed to angle the phone to avoid reflections, the colour and light balance was almost perfect for this subject, and nothing needed to be added or taken away. I simply loaded it into Instagram and uploaded it without effects, borders, or anything.

#instagram   #mobilephotography   #phoneography   #androidography  
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Android Photographers

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A road towards the cloudy sunset by +Sara Schiavi 

Below is a nice photo of the sky taken by Sara using her SGS2 Android phone. She has some nice leading lines from the road in this photo in the photo. The clouds in the sky make the sunset more dramatic. She also uses Corel Paintshop Pro X5 to edit the photo. This is a nice capture Sara.

What other programs besides your phone applications do you use to edit your mobile phone photos?

Please share your Android phone photos with  #androidography  
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Always my pleasure +Android Photographers :) 
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Android Photographers

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Panorama by +Ransom Rockwood 

Below is a nice panorama taken by Ransom of the AMC movie theater. The app used in the photo allows for scrolling of the panorama from left to right. This is a great photo Ransom. 

Do you like taking panoramic photos with your Android device? If so, what application do you use? Do you use the default camera app that comes with the phone or one that is downloaded. Please share the app and any panoramic photos with #androidography  
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The app I used was the stock 4.2 camera app. that's a photosphere panorama
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Android Photographers

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309/366 by +Rune Alnervik 

Below is a nice night photo taken of a centre by the water taken by Rune. He captures the lights and reflection of the lights off the water nicely. Although he missed his bus he took advantage of an opportunity to take some photos with his phone. This is a nice photo Rune.

Are you using your Android phone for the 366, 52 week, or any other photo projects here on Google+?

If so, please share with #androidography  
309/366 - 5 Nov 2012
I missed the bus home on my usual bus stop, so I made an extra walk while waiting for the next bus and walked to an earlier bus stop  in the middle of centre.
+Creative 366 Project  #creative366project  
+Android Photographers  #androidography  
+Mobile Photography  #mobileography  
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Oh I see. Maybe you can join us +Rune Alnervik  and share you great photos of your mobile phone at   The guys will surely be glad to have someone like you in the site. ;)
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Android Photographers

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Uniqua Tower by +Alfred Pleyer 

Below is a nice black and white photo of Uniqua Tower by Alfred. He does a nice job of capturing the leading lines from the building. The person passing by adds a sense of scale to the photo. The monochrome image creates a sense of timelessness as well. Very nicely done Alfred. 

Do you like to shoot in color, b&w or sepia with your Android phone?
Please share and discuss your preference. Any photos taken with your Android device please share with #androidography  so that we can find and share with others. 
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Android Photographers

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Androidographers Announcement

This page will soon be turning into a new Google+ Community once the feature is available. Stay tuned!

This will make sharing #Androidography  so much easier for all of you!

+Colby Brown 
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Android Photographers

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Photo Sphere

Has anyone started playing with Photo Sphere on their Android device?

It came with the Nexus 4 and for those receiving the Jelly Bean 4.2 update on their mobile device. Here is a nice writeup with a demo from +Hugo Barra

You can also see a photo from +Colby Brown while doing a +The Giving Lens workshop in Jordan:

Look forward to seeing some Photo Sphere photos from Android devices. 

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tried it for an inside home shot. Very Cool... Heading to the Magic Kingdom This weekend to try it out there. Hopefully the crowds will allow for some room to take some good panoramas and photesphere. I guess the idea is to take some legendary quality shots.
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Android Photographers

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Landscape photos by +Florian Gopp 

Below are some landscape photos taken by Florian using his HTC phone. He does a nice job of capturing the colors of the sky and the the mist below without losing too much detail due to the darkness or the brightness of the landscapes taken. He also takes advantage of using the instant upload on Google+ and an HDR program on the HTC camera app. Well done Florian 

Have you used the instant upload feature to back up your photos from your Android phone? If so, share your story and photo

Using smartphones to take landscape photos is nowadays a good or at least an acceptable alternative to real cameras. Three example shots from the last week. All of them are straight out of the camera and uploaded via instant-upload and shared here on g+. The first one of them is a HDR done with the HDR-program of HTCs camera app.
#androidphotography   #androidography   #htcones   #htcone  
Cathie Ng's profile photo
Which model of HTC phone?
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Android Photographers

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Autumn Bubbles by +Manuel Acebedo 

Below is a photo taken of some bubbles from La Hierbabuena Beach. The composition is nice as the water leads to both the colorful sky on the left and the hills on the right. This is a very nice photo Manuel 

Do you like taking photos of bodies of water like the ocean, lake, river or streams? If you have any mobile photos taken with your Android device please share them with #androidography  
Autumn Bubbles in The Natural Park de La Breña y Marismas de Barbate in La Hierbabuena Beach in Cadiz... La Janda Litoral, Southern Spain. A Photo with Android Mobile Phone.

#Autumn #AutumnBubbles #Bubbles #LaHierbabuena #LaHierbabuenaBeach #TheNaturalPark #LaBreñayMarismasdeBarbate #Barbate #Cadiz #LaCostadeTrafalgar #LaJandaLitoral #Spain #SouthernSpain #Sunset #FotografosMovilesDelMundoAndroid #PhotoAndroidMobilePhone #AndroidMobile #FotoconAndroidMobilePhone #AndroidPhotographer

For #EuropeanPhotography +European Photo +Janusz Brakoniecki +Jean-Louis LAURENCE +Manuella Betaille +Michael Muraz +Susanne Ramharter and #PhotoAndroidMobile #MobilePhotography #Photography #MobilePhonePhotography #Mobilography #androidography #Android #droidography +Droidography #AndroidPhotographers +Android Photographers #DroidEdit #MOC +Emily Santome #XperiaarcSMobile and for #hqsplandscape curated by +HQSP Landscape +Delcour Eric +Ara MO and #hqspautumnshots curated by +HQSP Autumn Shots +Delcour Eric +Carina Marsh #hqsppromotion by +HQSPPromotion and for #10000photographersaroundtheworld by +Robert SKREINER +Robert SKREINER - PHOTOGRAPHY and +Walter Soestbergen +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS around the World and #landscapephotography curated by +Margaret Tompkins and #fotoamateur curated by +Remo Primatesta +Scotti van Palm +Markus Landsmann +Karsten Meyer and #travelphotography curated by +Peter Dargatz and #pixelworld +PixelWorld by +Alberto Carreras 

More Photos of La Hierbabuena Beach in:

Blogger, adventurer, traveler, writer of articles, Documentary Photography and Android Photographer... By Manuel Acebedo: The Traveler of La Janda Litoral.
Manuel Acebedo's profile photoAndroid Photographers's profile photo
+Manuel Acebedo thank you for sharing with #androidography  
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Android Photographers

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Kuala Lumur by +Mike Blank 

Below is a nice night capture of Kuala Lumur taken by Mike Blank using his Android device. he does a nice job of capturing the two tall towers and of getting the lights from the building in contrast to the dark skies. 

Do you like taking night photos with your Android phone?

If so, please share with #androidography  
Good times in Kuala Lumur :)

Cairell Marwan's profile photo
typo there, it's Kuala Lumpur..
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Android Photographers

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I-5 by +Atıl İşçen 

Below is a photo taken by Atıl of I-5 between Oregon and California. He does a nice job of capturing the leading lines of the road while also getting the mountains and blue skies in the photo. Well done with this capture Atıl. Thank you for sharing with #androidography  

Have you ever taken a photo with your phone while traveling on the road? 

If so, please share with #androidography  so that we may find it and share with everyone. 
This was taken last week on my way to Oregon from California. I wanted to take a photo of Mt. Shasta, and combining it with I-5 resulted in this composition.

#transporttuesday   curated by +Gene Bowker +Michael Earley +Joe Paul +Steve Boyko 
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Kati K.
Nice shot!
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For Those That Take Photos with Android Mobile Devices
For too long IOS and Apple have dominated the Photography Industry. With the release of ICS, Google and Android are raising the bar, but it doesn't end there.

Android Photographers is a Google+ page based on all things Android and Photography. It serves as a sounding board for all sorts of direct feedback for the Android Photo Team. This page is run by Professional Photographer Colby Brown.

Please tag all photos you upload that have been taken with an Android Mobile Device as #androidography

A special thanks to Prash D (from CyanogenMod) for designing and creating the graphics for this Google+ Page.