I'm used to being in a certain 10% of the population minority, but not for being female. This morning it struck me as strange that at #10 (update, 7/6: #13), I'm the most followed woman on Google+, as per http://socialstatistics.com/. Even though I've definitely interacted with/seen more men on G+ than women, 1 woman in the top 10 still seemed too low. (Oddly I have more followers than +Marissa Mayer. That just ain't right.)

Corroborating its top 10 list, this site also reports that 10% of all G+ users identify as female (see right sidebar). It also says "Just add yourself so we can start tracking your own Google+ statistics too." Now, I didn't submit myself to that site for tracking. Maybe someone else did? If the numbers are based on self-submitted IDs, it's possible more men than women are interested in their follower ranking, hence the very low 10% number.


Maybe only 10% of G+ field testers really do identify as female. If that's the case, picture my face in my hands in a dramatic gesture of disgust.

I've put in a private inquiry to the Googlers I know about this number. So far, silence.
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