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I'm having an issue where this will not install to my Note 3 via the play store either from the Note 3 or online, Galaxy tablet and computer were fine

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@OneLast_  Tenth email gets one!!/songenvyrecords/status/121751889967722496

This is a special run of CD's they are autographed by all the band members of "One Last"! When the supply runs out the offer goes away!

iTunes - Music - One Last
Check us can't even get a hooker for $.99 anymore. (via Johnny OneLast)

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Debuting tonight: @OneLast_ 8-10pm Tonight! (cells)...!/DirtyDiamonds47/status/119502902409703424

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Watch "ONE LAST - EP Release Promo" on YouTube - if I win the lottery by 10/21 I will so be in the "Front Row" #love 'em

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need @Keek followers click the link (its of my cat lol) and follow from there they even have a mobile app #love #Keek!/whtimiswhtugt/status/119229649069940737

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Added "Front Row" by @OneLast_ to my shuffle ringtone app now they can hang w/my other favs @Nickelback & @TOADM to name a couple #awesome!/whtimiswhtugt/status/118114259497529344

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Song Envy Records: * ONE LAST - LIVE *
10/21 at Mahogany's in Latonia, KY (via Johnny OneLast)
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