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The Computer Peeps provide help & support for consignment software
The Computer Peeps provide help & support for consignment software

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The Computer Peeps are proud to celebrate 5 years in business! In 5 years, we've grown to manage nearly 400 systems for consignment and resale store owners all over North America.

We've moved to a new office in beautiful Wekiva Springs, FL and we're proud to welcome Garrett Redman to our Support Team.

In celebration of our 5th year in business, we'd like to thank the consignment and resale community by giving away a series of great items/services.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Google+ page over the coming days for further details!

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I wrote a utility so store owners can easily test their email settings outside of their consignment software.

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Liberty "There is no default printer currently selected" bug. This bug is reproducible and has persisted through at least the last four Liberty updates -- including the recent, major 4.5a/b/c updates. If you utilize network printers/shared printers, you are more-likely to see this bug and printing issues with Liberty in general. We receive at least one call per week on this issue.

Liberty does not have an option to select a Reports Printer. Instead, it relies on something outside of Liberty -- your Default Windows Printer. This means Liberty has to 'figure out' and try to find a printer outside of itself, instead of simply being able to utilize a printer selected under Tools > Options.

The bug is, you will be told you have not selected a Default Printer -- yet, you DO have a Default Printer selected.

To workaround this Liberty bug, close Liberty, go to Printers and Devices, and set ANY OTHER printer as the Default Printer. Open Liberty again and try to print the Item List/Report in question. Then, close Liberty, go back to Printers and Devices, and select your printer (which was ALREADY SELECTED) as the Default Printer. Really, just selecting another printer then re-selecting your Default, fixes it, but I like to go all the way through and make sure Liberty no longer errors-out.

The reason this is happening, is because Liberty does not have a Report Printer option - it is left to its own abilities to find a printer by 'sniffing' it out. There have been requests to add the ability to select your reports printer in Liberty, as to prevent the 'dynamic changes' which can break Liberty. Instead of adding said option, the only change that's been made, is a line of text that tells users Liberty will use your Default Printer.

It is for this reason, that we make sure to inform our clients that Liberty is more-likely to crash/show errors, if you're utilizing networked/shared printers vs. directly-attached printers.
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+Mercury Payment Systems appears to be down right now.  Credit card processing is unavailable for Liberty users and Mercury's phone lines are down as well.  #consignment #resale  

X-Charge outage confirmed. Should be temporary and according to X-Charge, the issue should already be resolved. #consignment

UPDATE - Congratulations to Plum Consignment in Beverly, MA!  They've just wont our starter security system via Facebook.

Giveaway #2 is here! We're giving away a starter security system for consignment/resale stores. What the heck can a starter security system do for you?

- With wireless security sensors, you can put them inside of an expensive purse, pair of shoes, or outfit you have on display. If someone touches one of those items, you'll receive an alert on your phone, on your computer screen, via email, via text, etc.

- You can put a wireless security sensor in your drawer in your office. If someone opens that drawer, you'll know about it.

- You can attach wireless security sensors to doors, windows, cabinets, etc. and receive an alert if any are opened or closed.

- With water/leak detection, you can be alerted immediately, if your pipes burst, if a toilet overflows, if your air conditioner starts leaking, etc.

- You can track temperature and humidity levels as well, all plotted over time, with full reporting.

What is included?

- One wireless security sensor.
- One wireless water/leak detection sensor.
- One wireless receiver (no monthly subscriptions - you own it).
- Remote configuration by The Computer Peeps.
- 30 days of security system support from The Computer Peeps.

So, how do you win?  The first store owner to post FIVE uses they can think of for wireless security sensors, wins.

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Warning!!! It appears the backup routine in Liberty 4.3a is broken. Backups created by Liberty 4.3a appear to be invalid and cannot be restored.

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