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The planet decided to give us one really crazy year to shake us out of our complacency... and we are so bull-headed that we are ignoring it.
Are we just going to sit back and take it as our country is destroyed?

Anyone want to go to Thailand for a month or three to serve as interim director of mass mobilization for Greenpeace Southeast Asia while they search for a permanent candidate? Lemme know and I'll put you in touch.

Three examples of government ceding the monopoly on force to private institutions: Military subcontractors & privatized government security forces; university campus police (who in many states now have police powers off-campus as well); the BP-run "security" along the Gulf Coast during the oil spill.

Anyone got other examples? Esp for other countries?

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wow. it could practically be Lothlórien.
HDR shot from Meridian Hill Park

So far today, our heroine has solved The Case of the Microsoft Office Product Keys -- but remains stumped by The Case of the Frustrating Brand-New Malfunctioning Printer.

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Huh. This is pretty smart, I'll be fascinated to see whether it takes off. Basically it's the White House's own version of and SignOn. H/t +Evan Zasoski.

A Big Change Coming to WhiteHouse.Gov

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My mom and I are sitting in outside the White House this Wednesday to protest the tar sands pipeline. Join us! You need to come to training tomorrow night, and then be prepared to be arrested and pay the equivalent of a traffic ticket on Wednesday.

Is there any good reason that a bank wouldn't just put its SWIFT code on its website? Why on earth are they so hard to find?

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The prescience of these AT&T ads from 1993 is pretty amazing -- predicting everything from GPS to Netflix. Does anyone remember seeing them on air? (via +T.F. Charlton)

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Absolutely must-read article on "decision fatigue" and "ego depletion" -- does everything from helping explain cycles of poverty to providing diet tips.

Most useful tip for me: I very often find myself obsessing over trivial decisions at the end of a taxing day. This explains why! Now that I know what's going on, I should be able to account for it better -- and grab a handful of raisins or something to help move things along.
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