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Just picked up Scott Corum's latest Victory System supplement #BeatTheSquamous. Because f*ck cancer.
It's Pay What You Want, so feel free to grab a copy! Drop a few bucks on it if you feel like it, everything helps right now. Please share to boost the broadcast on this... the bigger and the farther this goes, the better!
#BeatTheSquamous - They Are The Squamous They were once humanoid like anyone else... healthy, living tissue with their own futures and des
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Michael Shields

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I'm getting more and more ticked off at my phone company. Alternatives don't seem substantially cheaper or better, but I suppose I'd have the satisfaction of paying someone that hasn't pissed me off.

Maybe it's time to switch to a two-mobile family plan. Isn't a land-line obsolete? It's almost never someone I want to speak to when it rings...

But then I think, why aren't phones obsolete? Why am I relying on a smart phone to remember a bunch of ten-digit numerical identifiers? Verizon keeps trying to get me to 'upgrade' to their digital FIOS-based phone service... but if I want VoIP instead of a dedicated analog channel, why not just get the fat pipe to the internet and do it myself? My computer can do video chat, for crying out loud. How is any phone (that isn't also a li'l bitty computer) supposed to compete with that?

The answer, of course, is that the video and voice chat programs (Google Hangouts, Yahoo Chat, Skype, whatever the Apple thing is called this month) don't work with each other. Running four clients simultaneously on my computer or tablet just in case someone wants to talk to me is silly at best.

So, here's my challenge to software developers: fix this. There is money to be made here, and I'd rather pay someone who gives a damn.
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We're paying too much -- some money to AT&T, some to Verizon. I'd like to consolidate but one of the phones doesn't work on Verizon and the other one doesn't work on AT&T. I just talked myself into consolidating... (although having two different frequencies & cell technologies has given us virtually 100% coverage when we're together)
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