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The Onion is moving editorial people from NYC to Chicago! Totally makes sense, given cost of living, our improv comedy scene and general city awesomeness.
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I seem to remember that they were originally in Boulder. It would seem that moving to NYC would not be smart because it would massively increase cost of living. And since they don't do "real" reporting, being in any given geographical area is irrelevant. It could be written from couches across the world, while wearing one's underwear. And nobody would know. Well, your mother would somehow know.
I thought they were initially from Madison (or maybe just a portion of the founders were from there?).

However you look at it, Midwest Represent!
+Eric Sinclair you may be right. Madison and/or Boulder. either way. my argument holds, why would a business in a "dying" industry that is totally telecommutable move to such a high cost of living/officespace place like NYC in the first place? weird.
I think the reason to be in NYC was that the writer talent was there. I think there's a lot of crossover between Daily Show/Colbert and the Onion -- though if you have a NYC office to attract talent, you're also in danger of having talent poached. The Onion did start in Wisconsin. Midwest Represent Eric!
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