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Henning Hager
So viel Sand und sooo wenige Förmchen...
So viel Sand und sooo wenige Förmchen...

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Can't hardly decide which photo is the best... I guess I have to go with the Star Wars gang. But Bill and Steve are also great :)
#celebrities #photos

Rare photos of the old and the dead

I stumbled across this huge rare collection of pictures. It's almost surreal going through them and realizing that most of these very famous people are not among us anymore :(

Also, Clint Eastwood looks so bad-ass! My favorite picture is the one of Chaplin and Einstein. Which one is yours?

via reddit at:
Rare photos of the old and the dead (33 photos)
33 Photos - View album

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So distractions are not necessarily killing your good ideas.

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A pretty cool inside look to Cloud9. Thx +Peter Friese

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HTML5 rocks - is there anything else to say?!

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Ingenieure haben es einfach überall schwer...

Wieder da! OOP 2012 gut überstanden aber jetzt fertig mit der Welt... Gute Nacht! ;)

Markus Voelter erzählt auf der OOP2012 wie man gute, geschickte DSLs baut und das ganze auf schwäbisch :)

Professionale Intelligenz - Schmunzeln in der IT Branche mit +Gunter Dueck. Sehr empfehlenswert!
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