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Top Places To Go: Brooklyn, New York, USA (

This week and next, we are sharing the top 10 places around the world that any traveller should consider in 2018, complete with a year's worth of airline prices and trending hotels so you can make smart booking decisions.

Today, we are sharing Brooklyn, New York, USA! In this guide, you will learn:

- why we picked it
- when you should go
- the language, currency, and price
- who it's great for
- who it's not best for
- what a 'typical' day is like
- median airfare from the UK
- trending hotels

Brooklyn is technically one of New York's five boroughs so it may seem odd that we're dedicating a guide to it, but there's so much world-class stuff in Brooklyn alone that it deserves a special mention.

Click here to learn more and to see what the other 9 top places around the world that you should consider in 2018 are:

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Today I was looking for the books about the immortal giants of the world fashion and came across very famous photo of naked Yve Saint Laurent It brought me to the well known film “Yve Saint Laurent, Style is me” . It enchanted me once again and I decided to dive through his biography once again to look over the details of his life.

Some day in the nearest future I will dedicate one big post to Yve Saint Laurent, today being under the influence of this beautiful film I want to write a little summary about the greatest Artist of XX – XXI century. I will try to quote his winged phrase: “ I regret that jeans are not created by me ” ( I apologize because of quotation mistakes). I am happy that denim clothes I Love so much are recognized by Yve Saint Laurent .

Having looked through the film I confess that classical style is out of the time and when you buy vintage things of Yve SaintLaurent you have to know that you really invest your money and they are not wasted. I am watching film about the maestro with Gaspard Ulliel and think that the actor who executing YSL is perfect. In spite of the wrong style of his life, (I mean how he had been destroying his health), Yve was the most charming person. He was the greatest and he was YSL. He did have right to Live the way he wanted, but couldn’t ruin his life consciously, because he was the source of world beauty(In my opinion ).

I watched the both films once again with pleasure and I am satisfied, very interesting. Faithfulness and love of Pierre Berge, elegance of YSL enchants me. I think Gaspard Ulliel’s execution is perfect and all the actors are perfect. The film shows all advantages and disadvantages, dirt and weakness of Yve and his close circle. The beauty and grace of his moving, beauty of his naked body, beauty of his appearance and finally shape of his glasses which left in fashion forever- his famous square glasses.

We inherited forever noble elegance of his clothes what he had been wearing and what he had been creating. His elegance manner of wearing clothes, the beauty even his manner of smoking and holding cigarette.

He gone but left YSL, who will be alive while the planet earth exists. I want to end my modest little post with aria also the greatest Maria Callas.
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Today I am very happy and my satisfaction is limitless, my sunglasses by D&G is repaired My vintage sunglasses.
First of all I want emphasize the matter about my love of vintage things. I have never bought vintage things. The clothes, accessories, shoes and etc. what I show as the vintage things were the new and included of the new collections when I bought them. It was very pity is that in my youth when I did not earn money myself and my parents supported me. I had not appreciate the value of the things what I did have and my parents were buying for us. I only had to have to wish and my dreams came true . When my mother was buying a new bag of Louis Vuitton, I could gift my old one( which I gained several months ago) to my friend.

I did not take care. My family was well supported, we did have A cabaret restaurant and two Fashion showrooms. Brands were ordinary things for me. Consistently I had been understanding how difficult it was to manage Cabaret during civil war. How heavy it was for my parents to do everything for our luxury life.Step by step I started to value remaining things.

I buy the luxury things up to now, but not as often(two times a week) as before, I have not got as many income money, but the bags accessories, belts shoes, glasses what I bought years ago become the vintage things. have not they? For example cross body bag by YSL, which my mother bought to me 30 years ago with real signature of the greatest artist. It is out of time and looks absolutely perfectly, I hold it with proud.

My sunglasses which i bought 20 years ago black classical D&G, It is also a vintage , is not it? I broke glasses of it and have been waiting for the new quality glasses for 2 years. And finally They are repaired. I had to announce about this event.

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“Des bleus à l’âme” by my favorite Françoise Sagan the sparkling star of French and world culture of 20 century. I have wrote it several times and will never get tired to repeat that actually if somebody wants to feel real aroma of Parisian life style, reading Sagan’s novels is the best way.

In my opinion this novel is a bit difference then the rest novels of her. It seems to me as a bit psychological. The main heroes are siblings who wasted all their fortune. They reach the middle age but still are young and charming. They tried to use the remaining beauty and youth and play with feelings of other people.

The siblings are brother and sister who are depend on each other very much. Sometimes they are jealous of each other, when one has got love affairs and the other hasn’t. Obviously they are selfish and consider, that are superior to other people and don’t take care other people destiny.

“love is a maze, and each of It’s rotation shows something the new. This maze is perfect for two loving person ,but there is no a place for the third person. The very third person is able to ruin this love story or connect them forever” – From the editor.

My dearests write me who are your favorite writers, what kind of genre do you prefer to and I will try create reviews about them. Be free in your comments and write your opinion. With love and respect.
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Mario Vargas Llosa’s novel “The Bad Girl “, a first-person narrative about love affair which starts with deep passion and becomes in deep love of all his life.The novel is divided into three parts: The first chapter, “The Chilean Girls,” introduces the two main characters, Ricardo Somocurcio (the good boy) and Lily, the Chilean Girl (the bad girl), who will become his lifelong love and obsession. Chapters 2 through 6 recount the details of their love affair, which is a series of abandonments and reconciliations. The final chapter, “Marcella in Lavapiés,” concludes the love affair with the death of the bad girl.

The actions happen in the different countries during different political events.The novel shows what kind of results can gives an ordinary addiction of something even addiction of love.
a reader travels around the world with main hero and share with Ricardo’s life, with his success and failures and emotions. As for me, very often Ricardo’s weakness got me anger. I could not understand his loyalty toward Lily. Sometimes i considered that the men deserved kind of attitude.

Are you interested in why do I consider like that? My favorite Sagan did write one novel, which I will introduce to you later and I did find similarity between these two plots only in kind of love affairs. How a man loses interest toward his lover, when she decided to be devoted.

I apologize to the male part of my readers and the fact that the novel left such an impression on me, but if somebody already read it I will be grateful to read his/her comment or criticism. The book is very pleasant to read, The novel really worth to have a place on your shelf.

It teaches a reader almost all sides of life, values of life(it is my opinion). You meet different people in different situations. I think the novel also shows the ways how to survive.

How it will not seem strange, but I pity the “bad girl” Lily. In search for the best of life she loses the best of her life.

Dears you already know about my love of of Latin Amerikan’s literature and Marquez, Cortazar, Liosa are my favorite writers. And finally I want to announce with proud that Georgian translation of the new novel of Mario Vargas Llosa’s ” Five corners” is already published and I already gained one. It was limited amount, but I bought one and It is mine now.

“Five Corners” is impressive in its dexterity as it traces political themes and tells of troubled lives in Lima. But is it a great work?
Mario Vargas Llosa, recipient of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature, is one of the world’s most acclaimed writers. Many think he is the greatest of all living Latin American authors since Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who passed away in April 2014.
But Vargas Llosa is not just a famous writer. He has another side to him. He is a politician who contested and lost the Presidential elections in Peru in 1990.
In his latest novel, it is the politician who is finally more on display than the writer. CincoEsquinas (“Five Corners”) was released in March this year – coincidentally the same month that the writer turned 80.

I promise That we will see a review of the new novel as soon as I read it, because I read “ Paris “ of Edward Rutherfurd by now.

My dearests write me who are your favorite writers, what kind of genre do you prefer to and I will try create reviews about them. Be free in your comments and write your opinion. Wait for the new posts. Join me and subscribe below in my social sites and you will find a lot of interesting things about me. With love and respect, your Kate.
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The Kite Runner
This is the case when all the praise the work that is already bestsellers, and you doubt whether it is worth reading or not(lose of time). This is obviously I am lucky lately. “The kite runners” is the story of everything, about everything you just can not leave the book, you want to close, but can not … (I think you will lose a lot without reading this book).

P.S I decided to renew my blog twice a week: on every friday and sunday evenings.
My dears, feel free to write your opinions in your comments. Write what you like or dislike, what kind of outfits you would prefer to… what kind of style is your favorite. Your view is important and interesting for me.
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