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Ginger Sass
just a wannabe celesbian working in the Education world
just a wannabe celesbian working in the Education world

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The amount of time I spend on Google+ is about the same as the amount I enjoy root canals. I must really love +Stacy Jill Calvert and #NELGBTC.

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Simply put... I don't do enough.  #education   #teaching   #teacher   #NewJersey   #politics   #ChrisChristie   #teacherschedule  

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I love JC slightly more than I loved teaching her book to my kiddos before Winter Break.
One very special teacher is using a picture-book to get her 17 year old students to open up on themes of childhood - with surprisingly poignant results. via +Ginger Sass  #education   #teens   #picturebook  

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I'm thinking of getting this haircut tomorrow. Give me feedback as I sit in an in service, please. :)

#Poetry  saves.

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The bandwagon I'm jumping on this month...

Sometimes I forget Google+ even exists.

I haven't physically logged into Google on a computer in awhile. Printing shiz for #BlogHer13. 
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