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LMMFAO!!! Facebook is down. LOLOLOL

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Playing with physics. Trying to create an 'explosive decompression' disaster.

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Just a simple video of the planet and the asteroids orbiting it. Feel free to watch it full screen and play your favorite music in the background.

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Just a video of the Desolate Star spinning. Feel free to fullscreen and loop it if you want something kinda cool to look at.


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Getting the bonfire on. 

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Fallout 4 - Nordhagen Beach - Vault 142 Build.

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Building in Vault 88 - Fallout 4 DLC

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Built my own fire pit. A while back and this is the fun result. 
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Some Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop fun.

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Milestone in machine learning: The match was close, but eventually Lee conceded to AlphaGo: 
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