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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Google's deep dream: counting sheep in the clouds Over the last few weeks, google open sourcing it's " Deep Dream " has taken the internet by storm, with a stream of images ranging from transformation of images to a beautiful impressionist style, to a night...

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Applying Interfaces to external dependencies: Golang
  Many object oriented languages center on the interface as a communication contract between components.  Engineering classes with this in mind typically enhances the maintainability and reusability of code by allowing dependencies to be injected, agnostic ...

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the path to a police state
  A man was killed on the streets of Ferguson.  Not by some gang banger, but by a police officer... a man tasked with protecting the public from violence.  As that man, Michael Brown, fled this officer, he was shot in the back.  And as he raised his hands t...

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Our company has grown to the point where our service is so highly distributed, that node reliability is becoming a major pain point.  You figure any given server in our datacenter fails maybe once every 1000 days... but now we have over 1000 servers, and no...
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