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The Beautiful Wall of Birds Interactive Map

You're going to love this gorgeous Wall of Birds interactive map.

Google's relentless attack on Google Maps Mania continues apace. This week Google search traffic dropped from being 50% of all traffic on Google Maps Mania to 25%.

It kind of chimes with my own experience of using Google search. I'm finding Google's search results more and more irrelevant. If I find myself using Google search these days I often have to sign out of my Google account & then switch from to to get anything like relevant results.

Is Google giving up on Google+? Editing of posts seems to have been broken for a while.

I can edit my posts. I just can't save them.

Dropping Google Maps

Tomorrow I'm going to feature the very last Google Maps on Google Maps Mania,

The blog now gets 10% of the Google search traffic it did just 18 months ago. With Google attempting to kill off Google Maps Mania it would be like a turkey voting for Christmas for me to continue to promote Google Maps and the Google Maps API.

Last week I came very close to giving up completely. But despite Google I still think there is an audience for the blog. So from Wednesday Google Maps Mania will be featuring maps created with Open Street Map, Map Box, Leaflet and other map providers.

If you have any Google Maps you want promoting you have about 24 hours left to submit them to Google Maps Mania.

Google Maps Mania has now lost 90% of Google search traffic in a little over 18 months.

Google now sending less search traffic to Google Maps Mania than to two blogs I haven't posted to in over 5 years. Something is seriously wrong with how Google search ranks Google Maps Mania but no-one seems to be able to determine what it is.

Google's Panda 4.0 update has finally  killed off Google Maps Mania.

Google search has just dropped cut me by another 50% of search traffic in one week. I get the hint Google - game over.

Google search seems to have demoted Google Maps Mania once again.

18 months ago about 80% of all traffic came from Google search. It's now down to under 50%. On current projections Google search will be completely irrelevant as a source in about a year's time.
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