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Hey guys! It's really late and I'm tired! :)
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LAZE? is 8:41am :D i am tired too, but i have to go to PE in 45minutes... so time for coffee
sleepzz and rest... then go
Make Charles tell you a bed time story; where you and your friends are the princesses on the post card you got. lol
like how you put a smiley yet you are pulling the most gormless tired face ever :')
yuck... j/k... your hot
I haven't went to bed... Big test in 4 hours... Spanish will be the death of me in college
it looks like you had a great night lol get some sleep
Hey Alli! It's really early and I'm tired! :)
At least u don't have to wake up for college anymore. Like some of us :\
Well at least your ring looks Legit :) lol
sleepy from playing with your new iphone?
yeah tired? naaa you only wanna shouw us your ring :(
you look like you had a giant bee stinged you in da face
IT'S THE RING!!!! I frekin' love that ring!!!!!!!!!! <3
Go to sleep, shhhhhhhhh. Goodnight x
Nick G
It looks like it lol
That looks like me in hangover hell, haha! Hope you got some awesome rest Miss Alli! 
that looks like me right now
Your hand looks HUGE compared to your face on this pic :P
i got a ring similar to urs and i love it
Ya right. You just wanted to show off your engagement ring.
Zaki t
u look like shit.
Zaki t
but not always.
lol alli's mind FK I AM SOOOO TIRED
Eric A
i am hungry and tired
Whoa Al, you r really tired xoxoxoxo get some sleep 
It also looks like you could have just woken up in the wee hours of the early mornin Alli ;)
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