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Odroid XU4 - My new NAS
Few thoughts on ARM: ARM has been kicking ass and taking names for several years now. It's no surprise that other companies would want to acquire it - Japanese company SoftBank finished it's acquisition of ARM a couple days ago, at an astonishing $32 Billio...

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Arduino is fun - great for custom Radio Control signal handling
I've been having some fun with arduino. They're quite cheap boards, with arduino nano coming in at ~$3 per board. That's $3 - THREE. That's pretty awesome for a small amount of custom processing power. Unlike a board like the Raspberry PI which has to run a...

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It's an interesting time in computing...
Interesting stuff is going on these days. Consumer spending in computing is down - mostly because we're at a comfortable level of processing power with the given applications we use. Consumer spending on the whole is actually up, so it's an indication that ...

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By far the best terminal I've used on android. This installs without fuss, without needing root.

I'm able to browse my device non-system folders, including any storage. It even has a working /proc.
It comes with a package manager "apt" for upgrading and installing packages - so right off the bat I threw on vim, sed, gawk, grep, perl, python, htop, wget, curl and a few others. There's quite a few available.

Everything works as I'd expect on a regular linux terminal. Shell scripts work fine. Python and perl applications work without problems (note there's python2[2.7] and python[3.5]). I can even run network based python applications and interact with them in another terminal session, or even my local browser. Python installs with pip!

Switching sessions and forcing the keyboard to appear is easy - swiping in from the left side brings up a list of all terminal sessions, and a button for showing the keyboard. Together with the "hacker keyboard" this is actually quite decent on a tablet for minor scripting. with a regular physical keyboard, and vim I can get quite a bit of scripting done.

Add in android's native VPN capabilities, and I have a portable terminal to deal with any problems at work too.

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Babun gives Windows users bash without Cygwin's fuss
Grab it here: Babun is a terminal app for windows that gives users a zsh (and bash, or others if you install it) interface to their windows system. Babun is a repackaging of cygwin, with a lot of checks and scripts in place to make l...

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Chromebookery II - Chromebook harder
Continuing from  h istory leading to C h r o m e b o o k s . C h r o m e b o o k s have much the same hardware as any other laptop - most are based on standard x86 CPUs which are also used in other Windows and even Android based systems. Some run ARM - init...

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Chromebookery and history,
A little history on cheap computing... At some point, manufacturers decided to start making really cheap personal computing devices- not a capability they always possessed (or maybe did, but to a poor extent). About the mid to late 90's computing power had ...

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Mandelbrot Set Rendering
Benoit Mandelbrot was a Polish-born mathematician. His most well known work is in the field of fractals. He came up with a function describing a set of complex numbers called the Mandelbrot Set. The Mandlebrot set describes a set of numbers "c" such that th...

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Regulating a mechanical watch cheaply
Regulate a watch cost  = computer (you probably have one) + headphones with mic ($15?) + audacity (free)... Mechanical watches are freaking cool. It's an awesome display of mechanical precision - granted, one that's been around for a while . A nicely finish...

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Fix a loose lens adapter
Adapting a lens to another camera system generally involves using an adapter of some sort. most of the time, I buy cheap adapters off amazon because for the most part, they do fairly well. However, I often end up with adapters that are a little loose. This ...
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