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What's *your* story? - Content writer / editor. Book author, business / tech writer, former journalist. Connect here:
What's *your* story? - Content writer / editor. Book author, business / tech writer, former journalist. Connect here:

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ISPs & Your Privacy: Will VPNs Protect You?

Not the way you may hope - it's definitely not a cure-all. Yet technology can play an important role in how we can prevent ISPs from selling our browsing histories to the highest bidder.

This blog post by Scott Petry, Co-founder and CEO of Authentic8 (maker of Silo, the remote secure "browser as a service"), answers important questions about methods internet users are looking at now to secure their privacy on the web, following the repeal of the FCC's consumer privacy protection rule.

ISPs & Privacy: Why it Matters, and How to Cover Your A$$:

#privacy #ISP #FCC

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It surely feels like it's the 1990s computer virus scare all over again.

Looks like we didn't learn the right lessons back then. The newest malware scourge is getting way more expensive.

Wake-up call, finally?

#ransomware #cybersecurity
Ransomware: No More Ransom? Hardly.

Feel-good activism won’t prevent ransomware infections. Read our blog post:

#ransomware #cybersecurity

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Another day, another major healthcare data breach.

Arizona Healthcare Data Breach Affects 3.7 Million

Arizona-based Banner Health (it operates 29 hospitals) is notifying 3.7 million individuals about a "sophisticated cyberattack." The attackers accessed healthcare data:

Did you know? The healthcare industry currently tops the target list of cyber criminals. The Sixth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data (Ponemon Institute) found that 89 percent of healthcare organizations and 60 percent of their business associates experienced data breaches over the past two years.

Brace yourself - take these

Five Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Medical Identity Online

#healthcare #healthIT #cybersecurity

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How to Protect Yourself Against Medical Identity Theft

Medical ID theft comes at staggering cost to the victims. They have to pay a steep price to get their life back: on average more than $ 13,000, according to one study.

But why would anyone want to steal medical records?

The answer may surprise you. Your medical information is worth serious money on the black market. It can be used to purchase prescription drugs, which the thieves then resell at a profit.

Find out more on the Authentic8 blog:

#identitytheft #healthcare #privacy  

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Writing by Numbers

Sounds crazy? Not so fast!

It's happening all around us. Because it works.

Got stuck with writing a blog post? Need more sizzle in your headline? Try these tools, and let me know which ones you would add!

(Thanks to +Ben Delaney and +Tobias Beckwith for the inspiration and discussion.)

#writingtips   #freelancing   #howto   #blog   #growthhacking  

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Lakeside "fun" in the Czech Republic. Not a Monty Python skit. This is for real, kids frolicking next to a - male human corpse. Where's the CVB when you need them? (Not to mention the cops...) In German. 

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PSA courtesy of +Ana Hoffman
Just in: LastPass hacked; user passwords not accessed, but account email addresses, password reminders, more were compromised

If you use LastPass to store all your passwords, beware: LastPass warns it was hacked, says secure vault storing user passwords was not accessed, but account email addresses, password reminders, more were compromised.

If you have a weak master password or if you have reused your master password on any other website, please update it immediately.

Then replace the passwords on those other websites.

Because encrypted user data was not taken, you do not need to change your passwords on sites stored in your LastPass vault.

As always, it's wise to enable multifactor authentication for added protection for your LastPass account.


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