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Great article about the basics of Local SEO!

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SIM Partners addresses the benefits of Piloting business Google+ pages in Chief Marketer...Great suggestions and key points to keep your eye on as Google continues to shift their local tactics!

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No surprise here! Pinterest lends itself to social vouching for products/places/ideas/etc. There really isn't any other point of the site!
According to a recent BlogHer study, #pinterest is more “trusted” as an information source than Facebook and Twitter by general internet users. It’s also more influential among general internet users on purchase decisions.

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Conclusion: Google + is the best social media platform when it comes to Viral effect of Popularity, also there is a pride with the Google community like no other network where they stand up for the platform. Thanks for sharing this +PJ Rosenberg
G+ Experiment: The Results

Recently there has been a lot of reports out there on how Google plus is a ghost town.. In fact The Wall Street Journal in a recent article mentioned that Pinterest has more vibrancy than Google + ... All this because of some new data from research firm comScore Inc. that shows Google+ users are signing up, but they are not doing much there. I needed to show that this was not the case!

On March 7, 2012 LA Web Studio Marketing Team with the help of +PJ Rosenberg established a social media experiment to test the viral effect of popularity in G+ platform in comparison to Facebook.. A massive amount of work went on the back end to collect the data we wanted and a lot of emphasis went on tracking the re-sharing at multiple levels.

Below is the actual paragraphs that were posted on both social media platforms, (of course with a variation in names):

Help Me With My G+ Experiment

Its a simple experiment to prove the viral effect of popularity in G+ platform is much higher in comparison to Facebook .. I am currently under 5,000 people who are following me on both platforms.. I have posted the same thing on both social media and am waiting results: I like as many people as possible to share this post with as many of their circle in the next 24 hours. Once you share it, please also add me to your circle. (You can call the circle temporary and delete it after the experiment.. I am not hunting for followers)

The conclusion will prove which platform can create a better social viral awareness.. At the end of the experiment I will do a Press Release with the names of all the people who made this experiment possible. Lets test the power of true social media!!


After 24 hours the results were compared and nothing but amazing came out of Google plus. Not only there was an outrageous amount of interaction on G+ but there was also a huge community growth. The initial re-share was under 5 minutes on Google + and it took over 2 hours on Facebook. Almost 40% of the people who participated in the experiment on Google + gained 8 - 12% new followers themselves, in comparison to 2% on Facebook. On Google + almost 73% of the shares resulted in comments on other people’s stream. On Facebook it was about 6% engagement. The next data is probably not a shock to most , 72% were male on G+, compared to 58% on Facebook. On both platforms, Majority of the shares were in the later hours of the night or early morning.

Here is the Exact Numbers to the Data:

Google +
Gained: 1,112 New Followers
Re-shared: 1,525 Times
+1 : 918

Gained: 213 New Followers
Re-shared: 42 Times
Likes: 28


Google + is the best social media platform when it comes to Viral effect of Popularity, also there is a pride with the Google community like no other network where they stand up for the platform. I will hold this experiment against anyone who likes to argue that Facebook has better engagement and or calls Google + a ghost town again! Oddly enough an hour to completing this report, Facebook block my initial post including the data and marked it as inappropriate and I can’t seem to find out why? Thank you to everyone who participated, this G+ experiment was a complete success.

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Thanks for sharing this +Barry Schwartz ! Interesting commentary and I can't wait to listen to the audio!

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Some great resources in this post, thanks +rahul roy !
Top Gplussers and Google+ brand pages to circle for Newbies (New Google+ Users)

New Google+ users(Newbies) have same old problem of not circling enough number of interesting peoples. How can you judge a social network without following enough number of interesting peoples?

For Google+ Tips and tricks

+Jaana Nyström
+Gabriel Vasile
+Shamil Weerakoon
+Denis Labelle
+Rehan Ahmad
+Ardith Goodwin
+Johnathan Chung
+Gideon Rosenblatt
+Rod Dunne
+Anthony Fox
+Billy Wilson
+Mark Traphagen
+Miguel Rodriguez

For News

+The Next Web
+Mike Elgan
+Sarah Hill
+The Huffington Post
+Christina Warren
+Pete Cashmore
+Euro Maestro

For Humour

+Funny Pictures & Videos
+Funny Or Die
+Chris Cho
+Funny G+
+Christy Ramsey
+The Nerd Code

For Blogging Tips

+Darren Rowse
+Bamidele Onibalusi
+Seth Godin
+Harsh Agrawal

For Photography

+Mike Shaw
+Thomas Hawk
+Trey Ratcliff
+Victor Bezrukov
+Ray Bilcliff
+Billy Wilson
+Kol Tregaskes

For Google+ Help

+Jaana Nyström
+Gabriel Vasile
+Denis Labelle
+Shamil Weerakoon
+stephanie wanamaker
+Rehan Ahmad
+Laurie DesAutels
+Jari Huomo
+Billy Wilson
+Kol Tregaskes
+Ardith Goodwin
+Christina Trapolino
+Anthony Fox
+Jacob Dix
+Alex Grossman
+Jo Anne Thomas
+Lee Smallwood

Top Pages for Newbies

+the g+ resource
+Media Tapper
+Best of Google+ (unOfficial)
+New Users Start here
+Best Shared Circle
+The Best Circles on Google+

Rahul Roy Shared a Circle List with you.

To Critics--> Don't waste your time criticising Google+ instead of learning it.

#googleplustips #gplustips #newbieshelp #rrtips #newbieshelpers

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This is actually pretty huge news in the world of search. We brought in a bunch of cameras and recorded discussion from our weekly quality meeting where we decide which algorithms to launch. Below you can watch eight minutes of discussion about a specific algorithmic change. I'm really excited that we're offering this inside view into some of the most sensitive stuff we work on.

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Not a new article but still a great read. Thanks +Chris Crum !
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